For locals who have never wandered beyond Visayan soil, stepping into Omelet Bistro and Restaurant is a chance to take a dip in international flavors. The food is exquisite and you don’t need to be fabulously wealthy to enjoy the experience.

Omelet opened in January this year, during Sinulog. Owned and personally managed by chef Dominic Montenegro, this bistro aims to provide its steadily-growing patrons with gourmet food at a faster pace and lower price – without compromising its excellent quality! The dishes are prepared mostly by steaming, grilling, or roasting. The chef notes that time is maximized and the aforementioned cooking methods advocate healthy food preparation.

Some of the items on the menu:

Grilled Pork, Veg, n Rice – Filling meal of pork, garlic’d veg, rice with matched sauce

This combo satisfies the omnivorous appetite of the Cebuano who need their fill of meat and vegetables.

Quarter Roast Chicken – Twice cooked grilled chicken paired with pumpkin’d rice

For roast chicken lovers, this item is served with a pumpkin-rice ensemble and a side of gravy.

Fish n’ Egg – Delicate Cobbler sizzled in compound butter under velvety egg n rice

I don’t normally eat fish (I like red meat, red meat, red meat) so this was a treat. And of course the sunny-side-up compliments the dish nicely.

Asian Pork & Rice – Rice and Pork cooked under a savoury sweet and earthy Asian-style sauce

When you want to relish an Asian-style meal, this is for you! Pork topped with kangkongkalabasa, and mushrooms on the side.

Lebanese Chicken n Rice – Sliced Chicken over medley of cinnamon’d rice, beans, n peanuts

No doubt you’ll enjoy this rice dish. I’m not the biggest fan of cinnamon, but I have to admit—the spice totally brought the flavor out! I could not stop thinking about this dish!

Spanish Seafood Plate – Mixed seafood in Tequila, peppers and tomatoes paired with rice

The food of the conquistadors who sail the Seven Seas! Well, not really, but downing this surely made me feel like one!

Rissotto’d Pumpkin Rice – Pumpkin rice rissotto style with tomatoes, pakwan, n parmesan flakes

For someone who does not eat a lot of pumpkin or tomatoes (or the other ingredients in this dish, for that matter), going vegan is as tasteful as the rich flavor this dish has to offer. Now you can experience everyday ingredients like these in a refreshing rissotto style.

Guada’s Pork ‘n Tomato Rissotto – Rissotto rice topped with morish mix worcestershire pork n tomatoes

I would love to meet this “Guada” and pay compliments to her morish (read: food that makes you want to eat more and more) delicacy!

French Toast (mango, strawberry, or tocino) – bread dipped in egg and fried then topped with fruit, cinnamon & honey

I tried the Strawberry French Toast. It was such a delight to savor this sweet red breakfast item. I’ve tried it more than once since!

Eggs!! with rice or Bread – have it your way fried, poached, boiled, scrambled, over-easy

Happiness is two thick slices of home-made bread with lush over-easy eggs and two li’l cubes of butter! Happiness comes in twos.

Drinks: You can try the innovative sodas available: Strawberry Royal, Calamansi Sprite, and Vanilla Coke!

How wonderfully tantalizing are the dishes? People from all walks of life, locals, foreigners and what-have-you rave about the cuisine at Omelet! “Barato ‘nya lami kaayo!” (Affordable and very delicious!) are the lines used by the Cebuano clientele. One morning, I had the pleasure of hearing Danish customers say, “It’s really, really good food. There should be people on all tables.” Come noontime, people start coming in and the bistro gets packed!

After you taste the food at Omelet, you’ll literally crave to get back in there! I should know. It was sheer torture every time the jeepney passed the bistro. Sometimes I would forget my actual stop and get off right then and there!

How to get there

It’s within a commuters reach at Gen. Maxilom Street! Getting there is as simple as riding a jeepney on the following routes: 04-C, 17-C, 12-L, 03-B on Mango Avenue intersecting Rahmann Street.

Contact: (032) 2541193
Location: Door 6 Justice Cabahug Bldg., Gen. Maxilom St
Price: ~P75.00 per person
Recommended: Lebanese Chicken n Rice, French Toast, Eggs
Store Hours: Mondays to Fridays 7AM-9PM ; Saturdays 11AM-9PM; Sundays closed

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