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It was early last year when my additction to Matcha started. It wasn’t as popular back then and not many cafes offered the drink. After reading an article on the benefits of Matcha, I gave it a try and I was hooked. I still loved coffee, but there are days that are perfect for Matcha.

First the benefits of drinking Matcha include boosting memory, improve digestion, burns calories, detoxify the body, fortifies the immune system and the list goes on. However, finding a good Matcha is a challenge. I take my love for Matcha seriously, I’ve tried many.


Here’s what tops my list:

  1. Fujinoya Philippines

Hands down, they have the best Matcha eclairs in town. The perfect mixture of texture and taste. While there, you should also try the Matcha drink. Whenever I order, I always request for less sugar and non-fat milk regardless of what establishment I’m in. You should also the Fujinoya Afternoon Tea Set.


32 umber matcha cebu

  1. 32 Umber Café&Co.

Their Matcha Strawberry Cake is heavenly! The blend of the Strawberry and Matcha flavors was unexpected. At first I thought it would taste weird, but the flavors complement each other well. You should also try their Matcha Cream Puffs and Matcha Nutella Cookies.


room for dessert matcha cebu

  1. Room for Dessert

If you like smoothies, get your Matcha here. They make Matcha smoothies using ice cream. Sounds delicious right? Personally, I prefer hot Matcha, but for the cold drinkers, this is a good choice.


  1. La Lola Churreria

If you have read our La Lola post, you know that they offer Matcha flavored Churros. So far, they are the only ones that offer this.  It was a bit sweet for me so I suggest you pair it with their cold latte.


last course cafe matcha cebu

  1. Last Course Café

Known for their crepe cakes, you can really taste the Matcha flavor on their dishes and it isn’t too sweet. One of my friends thinks that the crepe’s consistency was too thick, but it was fine with me. I’m more particular with flavor.


  1. Coffee Factory

One of the prettiest looking coffee shops has Matcha too. If you want a sweeter version, head over to Coffee Factory. As you know, they are Korean owned and continue with the distinct focus on rich flavor.


bubbletea station matcha cebu

  1. Bubbletea Station

Surprisingly, Bubbletea Station’s Matcha green tea is really good.  They serve it either hot or cold but I usually order the cold one because I like having add-ons like sago, pudding, poppings, etc. I also give very specific instructions so it doesn’t end up too sweet. As you can see, it looks very refreshing!


matcha espresso starbucks cebu

  1. Starbucks

The last but definitely not the least is Starbucks. Their Matcha is my favorite! Out of everything I’ve tried so far, their Matcha is the richest in flavor. You can tell by how super green it is. They now offer Matcha Espresso, which is like a dream come true for me.  Coffee and Matcha in one! This time, I prefer to have it cold. It’s the best post work out drink!  Tip: If you are constipated, I suggest you try Matcha from Starbucks. If you are like me who prefers a lesser sweet drink, you can follow my Matcha formula. The baristas at the Starbucks branches I often visit already memorize this – Matcha venti, 2 or 2.5 pumps classic syrup and non-fat milk.

If you know any other places with good Matcha and drinks, feel free to share it with us!



Shaira Berame

She loves conversations and stories about life, love and everything in between. See her adventures at her website.

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