Never has there been a better time for food in Cebu. Dining places have never been this varied. This bodes well for the adventurous food lover.

One place with a truly distinct restaurant experience would be in Mismukuno Teppanyaki. This Japanese restaurant opened earlier this year and has since been a favorite for teppanyaki style dining. When I got the invitation to eat there, I couldn’t resist. I just had to go… again.

The Place

From the outside, Mismukuno already looks very inviting! Upon entering, you won’t see the usual restaurant set-up with individual tables and chairs. Instead they have one long table for all the guests. On the table, the chefs prepare your order right in front of you. The set-up is definitely unique.

One thing that stands out is the subtle anime theme throughout the restaurant. If you grew up watching Voltes V, Dragon Ball, Astroboy, etc. then you will be amused by the graphic wall. You can even find Hello Kitty on the restaurant pagers. It all gives quirky aspect to the restaurant.

Of course, the main highlights are the chefs.  Not only do they cook in front of you, but if you stay long enough, they will entertain you with song and dance. When I was there, they did the infamous Voltes V opening song. I could even sing along to it!

The table turnover is pretty quick, but there’s still a good chance you will end up waiting your turn. That’s why the restaurant provided a long comfortable couch opposite the Anime wall for you to wait inside.

If you don’t mind double parking, they have ample parking space.

Mismukuno Teppanyaki cebu

The Food

First, we were treated with free Miso soup. The soup comes with every meal. Don’t expect raw Japanese sushi. This is Teppanyaki style wherein the food is grilled in front of you on an iron griddle.

You get to choose between an array of dishes; beef, chicken, pork, pork ribs and many more. My personal favorites were the Beef Teppanyaki and Mixed Seafoods.

Editor’s note: Their Yaki Meshi was the highlight for me. For someone who has been trying to cut down on rice. This was a worthy exception to my rule.  

The Price

I was once told the place looks pricey. I think it’s affordable considering the quality of their dishes and the unique experience. Prices of the dishes range from Php 200-380 except for the Angus Beef which is priced at Php 499. Refer to menu below.

The Location

Mismukuno Teppanyaki is located on AS Fortuna, Mandaue city. It’s near the Banilad side of the road. Right across Vienna Kaffeehaus. You can’t miss it. It’s very easily spotted.

You can visit their Facebook page for more details.

Operating Hours: 11:00am-2pm; 5:30pm-12:00am

Recommended: Beef Teppanyaki, Mixed Seafooods, Yaki Meshi

Prices: Php 200 -380

Location: AS Fortuna, Mandaue City (Across Vienna Kaffeehaus, Ford’s Inn)

Contact: (032) 238 7880

Shaira Berame

When we got the invite to try out Mismukuno, we knew immediately who to send. Glad you enjoyed the meal, Sha! Our writer in charge of all things food! Follow her on Instagram @iamshashafierce

mismukuno teppanyaki menu

Everyone has a front row seat.

Everyone has a front row seat.

It's hard to miss. Even at night.

It’s hard to miss. Even at night.

Good food is good food.

Good food is good food.

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