Don’t get intimidated by the candle-lit tables or the huge orthodox chandelier that hangs at the entrance, because if there is a word that would describe dining at Maya it would be immaculate. My husband and I have spent a couple of our fondest memories at Maya, and all of them include one (or two) satisfied burp(s) at the end.

In order to avoid the unbearable Valentine’s Day traffic last February, my partner and I decided to celebrate it two days ahead. I emailed them our reservation and the staff promptly replied – working in front of the computer 12 hours a day makes standing up and dialing the phone for dinner reservations seem too cumbersome. So we came and as expected, the waiters were warm and accommodating. There was even one who explained to me the ingredient details of one dish, I thought he was the chef on a break.

Maya boasts of its super-sized-yet-on-the-go burritos and its infamous selection of Maya Margaritas. But if you are a Mexican-food virgin, you will be delighted to find out that Maya also has their version of Lechon Kawali. Now, how can you go wrong with Lechon Kawali and rice?

The only thing that might put off hungry stomachs are the prices. Well I personally don’t think they’re outrageous, but I suggest you “come prepared”, if you know what I mean. You might think you’ve got everything under control, but once you’re halfway done with the spicy chicken wings platter, self-control will be the last thing on your mind!


Their Churros con Chocolate is to-die for! And oh, they deliver!


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