Cebu is truly home to passionate food lovers. Some are born with natural abilities in the kitchen while others (like me) just love to eat! We savour the delicious main courses, but we always look forward to our DESSERTS!

Oh, the sweet tooth!

We’ve got all sorts of sweet secrets and here’s another one. Some of you may have heard about the LMG Pastry Chef or you might have tried their yummy desserts at a party. Lani M. Garcia, the pastry chef and owner shared a few things with ZeroThreeTwo.

Cake Pops LMG Pastry Chef032: Can you tell us a little background about you and what you do?

I’m Lani M. Garcia, owner of LMG Pastry Chef at Cebu City Philippines. I am a pastry chef and a business woman. We specialize in Dessert Buffet Setups for all occasions. We also make customized cakes, cupcake, and cookies.

We are proud to be the first to bring to Cebu the Croquembouche and Cake Pops. We are also makers of New York inspired Baked Cheesecakes.

032: How did you come up with your shop?

While at Culinary and Pastry School, I did not have an actual plan. All I knew is I love food, love making food, and would be happiest being in the pastry business for the rest of my life. With the right push and support from my family, the business in cake making boomed.  Cake making was and is my path.

032: Competition is quite stiff nowadays with various pastry shops sprouting everywhere.

What makes LMG products stand out?

Since we started I’ve only had one goal and that is Quality over Quantity. We see to it our work is always delicious, pretty, detailed and neat no matter what. I’m very competitive by nature so I love having other cake makers around. It gives me that extra push to love my work more.

i love new york cheesecake LMG Pastry Chef032: Who were your first customers?

My family, relatives and friends.

032: What are your best-sellers?

My first best seller is the I Love New York Cheesecake. It’s not just any cheesecake. We bake it for hours and hours with much love. It’s really simple and good. We also customize Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Cake Pops, etc for any occasion.

For the past year or so we have been making a lot of Themed Dessert Buffets. “It’s the new age of cake” as we say it is. Every Dessert Buffet Project keeps me excited and thinking.

032: Everybody seems to be budget conscious nowadays. What’s the price range for your pastries?

We’re not too expensive. We’re not too cheap. Just right! We have a lot of packages and ranges for clients to choose from.

032: What’s your personal favorite among your recipes?

My favorite is setting up the dessert buffet. It has a little bit of everything that LMG Pastry Chef has to offer. It is beautiful and delicious at the same time. It can impress guests for any party. It’s interactive as well.

LMG Pastry Chef032: Are you planning to come up with a physical store aside from the one you have right now?

I am very happy with LMG Pastry Chef right now. My goal is to maintain the brand if not improve it over the next few years. Another outlet? Not for now.

032: What should we look forward to from LMG?

New trends will keep on coming for sure. More Dessert Buffets. More Cheesecakes. More Cakes. More fun designs!

If you want to find out more about their desserts and cheesecakes, visit their website: or send them an email at  Lmgthe

dessert buffet LMG Pastry ChefLMG Pastry Chef yum!

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