Exploring new spots in Cebu is my new found love. I usually go for food spots since I like to think of myself as a food connoisseur (wink wink). Just recently, I stumbled on Llew’s Mud Pies. This small seemingly run of the mill diner is located just around the corner from Redemptorist Church.


The name Llew’s Mud Pies would make you think of this as just another dessert shop, but take a closer look. They also offer hearty delightful meals that can certainly satisfy any hungry patron. You can choose from fish fillet to pork or beef dishes. They even have pasta! I personally tried their fish fillet in Olive Oil and their Spaghetti in Chunky Tomato Sauce. The fish is quite juicy, tender and soft. The additional sprinkle of herbs on top certainly tingled my taste buds.

… and Yummier

As much as I enjoyed eating their meals, the main appeal of Llew’s Mud Pies is certainly the desserts. Their S’MORES definitely deserve a special shout out! This little treat is made up of marshmallow placed between two graham crackers. You can choose between frozen and warm. If you decide to go for frozen, it comes in different flavors – Pistachio, Coffee Crumble, Cookies and Cream, and Choco-Vanilla. If you want to try the traditional S’mores, then you can go for warm – it doesn’t come in different flavors but it is as mouthwatering as the frozen ones. Here’s a tip, make sure you have a lot of facial tissues or wet wipes when you eat the warm S’mores. Why? You will create a mess. Your face will be gooey with yummy chocolate filling! Another sugary treat they offer are MUD PIES. They serve it in a small serving of thin layers of brownies with a thick layer of chocolate jelly topped with a chocolate bar.

Drooling already?

Customers like coming back because Llew’s Mud Pies has chosen to offer their sugary treats in small portions at an affordable price. This gives patrons a chance to try all their products. With just 55 bucks, you get to try their mud pies and s’mores! So, go out and satisfy your taste buds where price is not a problem.

*Click here for a map to Llew’s Mud Pies.

** Click here for a look at their menu.

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