little saigon big bangkok mieng kamTo be honest, I never get the name right. Sometimes I mix the adjectives or even change the name of the countries. But despite all that, I’ve been visiting Little Saigon Big Bangkok consistently every week. It’s time I finally wrote something about it.

We first heard about this little place with a big taste from friends posting raving reviews about it online. But at the time, they were only open in Guadalupe. That’s a bit out of our way (we’re northern folk). When they finally opened in Banilad Town Centre, we gave the nondescript food stall a try.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”


Little Saigon Big Bangkok opened my mind to new types of food. There aren’t many places that can do that. To top it off, I haven’t experienced street food in Vietnam or Thailand. This was an opportunity to have a taste of it here in good old Cebu.

The first time I saw a Mieng Kam I thought, “I’m gonna eat a leaf?” I don’t know how to describe it. It’s made of bits of peanut, herbs, spices and who knows what else… on a leaf. You are supposed to wrap the ingredients inside by folding the leaf together and eating it all at once. No nibbles or small bits. Once you bite into it, the taste of spice literally explodes in your mouth. For those who can’t handle spicy food, it’s easy to remove the chili from the mix of ingredients. The experience is delightful.

little saigon big bangkok goi conA personal favorite of mine is the Goi Con. It’s a basically a Vietnamese spring roll with pork, carrot, cucumber and other vegetables served with two contrasting homemade sauces. One sweet and one spicy. Here’s how it became a favorite of mine. We started going to Little Saigon Big Bangkok during the Lenten months. At this time, we were sacrificing sweets. That meant no afternoon snacks of cookies, cupcakes or anything I hold dear to my heart stomach. I started grabbing a Goi Con almost every afternoon. It’s delicious, made of mostly vegetables, a slice of meat and, at 50 pesos a roll, very affordable.

Here’s the crème de la crème, get the Banh Mi. I’m a sucker for a good sandwich and this does the trick. According to them, it’s a 10 hour smoked American beef brisket in a baguette with pickled vegetables. The first time I tried it, I ordered the spicy version and it was waaaaaaay too hot for my delicate little taste buds. The next time, I got the regular version (which is still kinda spicy). It was perfect. Try it.

little saigon big bangkok frontageIt should be noted that they tend to change their menu every now and then. Sometimes certain items aren’t available because particular ingredients are seasonal and difficult to source on particular occasions.


As mentioned, Little Saigon Big Bangkok in Banilad Town Centre is basically a tiny stall outside the left entrance of Robinsons Supermarket. But if you want to have the full restaurant experience, you should visit their main restaurant in Andres Abellana Extension between V. Rama and the main Abellana Extension in Guadalupe.


The pricing varies quite a bit; Goi Con is 50 pesos, Mieng kam is 75 pesos (for 4 pieces) and the Banh Mi is 250 pesos. The servings for the 200 peso and above orders tend to be quite large. The ones priced at less than a 100 are appetizers or finger food.

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