Zerothreetwo was recently invited to one of the newest hang out places in town. There we met the man behind it and learned how he brought his passion for food and design into what he has called, Irie Gastropubliko.

This isn’t the first Irie that opened in Cebu. Several years back, Jan Rodriguez opened the first Irie Restaurant across Sto. Nino Village in Banilad, which specialized more on Asian fusion cuisine. Due to developments in the area that resulted to some challenges such as limited parking space for its customers, they later closed down.

Named after his second son, Euan Irie, Jan Rodriguez has always wanted to revive Irie, spending time conceptualizing before deciding to build it in IT Park. For those who have been to the old Irie, you’ll notice that the Irie Gastropubliko is totally different. Jan and the team behind it put a lot of effort into the design and menu to ensure the new Irie would feel just right.


It’s not your regular type of bar.

Inspired by 1930’s old Americana design, Irie stands out from the rest of the establishments in IT Park. Matte black walls, dimmed lights, comfortable velvet couches, and glass windows give Irie a contemporary, laid back, yet classic feel. Some even say the interiors remind them of the set of the famous TV series, “How I Met Your Mother.”

The team behind Irie clearly put some thought into what they considered would be an ideal bar – sophisticated and a place where you can easily talk to other people. They play electronic indie and house music plus they have DJ’s on Fridays and Saturdays.


Taken from the concept of a gastro pub, Irie Gastropubliko concentrates on quality of food. When asked about what sets Irie apart from other establishments in the vicinity, Jan shares that the food speaks for itself. It’s basic, but they do it right.

Irie serves modern twists of Western and European cuisine. The prices of their dishes are relatively affordable for the quality of ingredients used. They also serve a variety of local and imported beers, wine, and signature cocktails that add to this modern gastronomical experience. The best seller is the Angus Kebab, but we also recommend trying out the Irie Burger. For the ladies, the Tipsy Summer cocktail is a definite must try as well. They will be serving steaks soon and we’re pretty excited about that!

It’s more than a restaurant. It’s more than your typical bar. Irie Gastropubliko is an experience in itself.


Irie Gastropubliko is located at the Ground Floor of Skyrise 4 Building in Cebu IT Park. It’s not hard to miss! They’re open 24 hours except on Sundays where they open 6pm onwards. They have free WiFi too.

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