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Lately, more and more burger places have opened in the city.  Three years ago, our choices were much more limited. My expat workmates used to comment on the lack of burger variety in Cebu. It’s great to see the food and restaurant industry continues to expand and improve. So what’s a burger place I can personally recommend? Burgaholic!

From the name itself, you know what you’ll get yourself into. Burgaholic did not disappoint and delivered a high quality burger experience.


burgaholic sign

The Place

As you know, in Zerothreetwo, we like the thrill of discovering new food places. It’s part of what makes us a certified foodie. Burgaholic is not an easy place to find for two reasons. First, the area is secluded from the main road. Second, it’s in a residential property, but we’re always into homey and cozy places with delicious food.

As mentioned, Burgaholic is nestled inside a house. Don’t expect anything grand. Expect a laid back and chill place that allows you to experience your burgers being charcoal grilled right in front of you. We’re always up for that.


The Burger

Charcoal grilled burgers are nothing but yummy! It’s likely because of the extra crisp being straight from the grill. Of course, you can never go wrong with bacon (you can opt to have this added), tomato, pickle, onion, lettuce and the irresistible cheesy mushroom sauce. If you are a chili lover like me, then you will definitely go crazy for their home made spicy sauce.  I’m getting hungry just thinking of it!  You can choose to have the Classic, Quarter Pounder or Half Pounder.

Burgaholic offers a charcoal grilled burger experience far from what we are used to from fastfood joints. Their high quality homemade burgers are what make theirs distinct.

Recently, they added Ribs to their menu! We can’t wait to try it!

classic burgers

The Price

Burger prices range from Php 100-300 depending on how much of a Burgaholic you are.

The Location

Burgaholic is located at 173 A M.P. Yap Street, Cebu City. If you know where Sacred Heart Hijas High School is then it’s easier to locate. Refer to the map below.

You can also visit their Facebook page for more details.

map to burgaholic

burgaholic menu

bacon and burger

charcoal grilled burgers



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