Tea is selling like hot cakes these days! I’ve been passing a tea place in IT park which I’ve been itching to try, but never got a chance to do so. When a friend of mine convinced me to give it a shot, I went out of my way to give Heart Tea a taste and I also met the man behind the brand.

I had a quick chat with Frank Oliva about the origin of the store’s name (I was really curious!). According to him, aside from coming up with a refreshing tea, he also wanted people to promote the health value of tea to its drinkers. He noted tea’s detoxifying effect and aside from the benefits of milk, the main ingredients of Heart tea are rich in vitamins (particularly Vitamin C). Fructose is also the one used for their tea (you might wonder why they won’t ask for their sweetness level). No powder products are used so you are assured of real tea taste.

What better way to name a healthy tea than Heart Tea right?

Heart tea drinkThe Tea

Heart tea has a rich authentic tea taste since it is made out of tea leaves from Taiwan. They have a long list of teas to choose from, but Wintermelon Milk Tea, Tapioca Milk Tea and Coffee Konjac Milk Tea are the best sellers. I immediately fell in love with their Coffee Konjac.

If you are fond of fruit teas then don’t worry, the best sellers are Blueberry, Lychee and Peach, but the top seller is their Basil Health drink

I haven’t tried all of the best sellers so it looks like I’m going to be back for more!

The Price

The best thing about Heart Tea? The friendly price. It’s an important consideration for many tea lovers out there. At 55-65 pesos a glass, it is worth way more than what you pay.

Heart Tea currently has four branches:

  • IT park (just beside Krispy Kreme) – For a minimum of 5 medium/regular or 4 large tea, they’ll deliver it anywhere in IT park. (Open 24 hrs)
  • Cebu Doctors’ University – How I wish Heart tea was there during my university days!  (Open from 10am to 7pm)
  • Convergys Banawa (Open from 9am to 11pm)
  • Southwestern University (Open from 10 am to 11pm)

What to watch out for?

Heart Tea recently had a brand re-launch. Which means we will be expecting a new look and new flavors. The new heart logo will grace the tea stalls along with the much awaited Caramel Wintermelon Milk Tea and Hazelnut Milk Tea. New add-ons are also available such as Blueberry popping (which I had so much fun eating and playing with!), Orange, Mango and Cranberry poppings. I like having pearls on my teas so if we feel the same then I suggest you try these add-ons.


Photos by Steph Senires and Shaira Berame.

Heart tea in IT Park

heart tea collage

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