*UPDATE: Gibbs’ Hot Wings has a new location at the 2nd floor, Streetscape Mall Cebu (very near Maria Luisa Banilad entrance).

I know you all love Chicken and yes… you can call me a kill joy for not being a fan of Chicken meals.  That just means when I say a chicken is good then it is really good!  Although we have a number of fast food chains that serve chicken meals (#chickensad), it’s always nice to go to a place where you feel like mom cooked for you.  That’s exactly what I felt in Gibbs’ Hot Wings.

The Place

Gibbs’ Hot Wings is nestled in the owner’s house extension. The ambiance feels like you are home. It’s a small, cozy area which according to the owner, Frank, was a place he used to have beer with his buddies. The hot chicken wings was their pulutan.

The space is small. There are only a few tables and chairs. Sometimes on weekends, people actually line up to wait for their turn. They are planning to expand the place to accommodate more people. Their trademark is the big board filled with writings from customers.  You can also see that the other walls and ceilings are starting to be filled as well!

Gibbs’ Hot Wings wall cebu

The Food

I’m not a chicken lover, but this was my exception. The hot wings were really hot! You can choose from three hotness levels:  Hot, Original and Insanely hot! It’s definitely the best hot wings I’ve tasted.  In addition, both  the Spag n’ meatballs and Bacon Mushroom Carbonara were very tasty and delicious. You need to also try their Potato Wedges and Gibbs Mozarella Sticks. Basically, everything is a must try! They will also be adding more choices on their menu soon.

*Editor’s Note: For the wing lovers who don’t like spicy food, get the Gibbs’ Angel Wings. We’ve never tried chicken wings lathered with all sorts of cheeses. It was an experience.

Gibbs’ Hot Wings cebu

The Price

Considering the quality of the food, the price is very reasonable. The cheapest order you can get is the Potato wedges which costs only Php 75. The most expensive one is priced at Php 205, the Gibbs’ Angel Wings.  An order of Hot Wings costs Php 175.

The Location

Gibbs’ Hot Wings is located at the Holy Family Village 2, Banilad, Cebu city. You can ask the guard for directions and he will instantly reply with, “Right. Left. Left.” From there, you can see their small but readable signage.

Operating Hours:

Tuesdays – Saturdays

Lunch – 11am-2pm; Dinner – 5; 30-10pm

Sundays & Mondays – 5:30 -10pm

Shaira Berame

Jumping around from one restaurant to another. She’s the reason ZeroThreeTwo talks so much about food. Without her, we would be foodless. Now, who would want that? Follow her around @iamshashafierce

shaira in Gibbs’ Hot Wings

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