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*UPDATE: Fung’s has another new in Crossroads, Banilad.  

Let’s face it. Everyone loves Dim sum and their friends; congee, hot pots and noodles. I’m a personal fan of these guys. They are a fun and delicious bunch! You can usually find them inside Fung’s Noodle House.

These dishes can be found in many places, but it’s not always made the right way or is too expensive. Fung’s offers good Dim sum and tasty noodles at an affordable price.

The Place

At Fung’s Noodle House, the interiors stuck to the basics. It’s a bit tight because chairs and tables were crammed into the small space. No loud decorations or fancy lights, just big posters of their dishes on the wall. No one comes here because of the ambience. It’s one of those places that focuses on the food.

sio mai in Fung's Noodle House cebu The Food

Since it is a noodle house, I first tried their noodles. It was perfect for the cold weather. I ordered the Two Kind Combination Soup Noodles. It was exactly what I needed to warm me up. I can’t describe it exactly, but let’s just say it’s not your average noodle.

We also ordered Minced Pork with Eggplant Hot Pot which was also good. I didn’t get to taste the other dishes since one bowl of noodles was more than enough to fill my tummy.

*Editor’s Note: My personal favourite is the Siao Long Pao. Make sure to eat it while it is hot, but not too hot, you don’t want to burn your tongue when the soup seeps out of the dish. Some say it is the best in the city.

The Price

At 70 pesos, some of the dim sum prices are slightly higher than others (especially the fast food ones), but you can expect it to taste much better.  Where it shines in price is at the noodles and congee. For the size, they are very affordable at around 80 pesos.

The Location

You can’t miss Fung’s Noodle House. It’s got a giant signage located inside the SSY Business Center, Salinas Drive Cebu (right across JY Square). It is right beside Café Caw. So you’ve got a great place to have dessert right after.

Hours: 11am-12midnight

Contact: (032) 260 8565 Fung's Noodle House cebu interior

Fung's Noodle House cebu signageFung's Noodle House cebu  menu 2Fung's Noodle House cebu  menu

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