Brew Moments

A good cup of coffee and wonderful conversations, each is good on its own but both make each other better.

Degree 9 and Quickfire Creative Agency allowed me the opportunity to have both. We spent a few days inside the four walls of the coffee shop talking to people and asking them about their #BrewMoments. These ranged from stories about their lives, personal victories and random experiences. I wasn’t able to talk to everyone (most of them wrote on questionnaires – seventy people = lots of interviews), but for the twenty or so people who spent the time to personally tell their stories, I had so much fun talking to you.

Starting this month, we’ll be sharing a few stories from these delightful people. If you have a few #BrewMoments to share, use the hashtag to share it to the world.

Ayana Jimenez

carlo Rodriguez

Ian Bacalla

James Go

Kaloy Uypuanco

The Deutschs

Precious Lopez


Jake Maningo

Jill Enriquez

Bernadette Yu

Ara Chawdhury

Epher Gail Chua

Photos by Scott Pacaldo

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