The famous quests of Marco Polo and Magellan were mainly motivated by the search for spices. A lot has changed since then, but our love for spices haven’t ceased.

One of Indian cuisine’s best qualities is the aptitude for spices. The Firozian Indian Tea House has that in spades.

The Food

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been to Firozian. I never get tired of eating their Beef Durum. A must try! It’s the real shawarma but it tastes so much better than the usual shawarma at the stalls in the mall. (Editor’s Note: the Durum is HUGE!) I’m also a fan of their Indian style Egg Fried rice and Lassi, an Indian yogurt drink. Other favorites are Dal Makhani, lentil rich sauce, and Aloo Paratha, flat bread stuffed with potatoes and a bowl of yogurt. The Turkish coffee is also good!

They’ve got a long list of delicious Indian food in their menu. Be adventurous and take your pick.

interior of Firozian Indian Tea HouseThe Place

Aside from its signature Indian dishes, Firozian embodies the true Indian spirit just by looking around the place. It recently underwent an expansion so more people can be accommodated. The area is divided into small cubicles with colorful pillows and curtains – giving it a true Indian feel when eating. You have to eat in lotus position (squat!).

Parking can be challenging but if you are used to parking at the Cebu Doctors Hospital area, then you’ll find a spot.

Firozian Indian Tea House is located at Don Jose Avila St Cebu City. It’s at the back of Cebu Doctors University Hospital, adjacent to Tagalas Chicken and beside Julie’s Bakeshop.

Fortune Telling

Interestingly, when I first heard about Firozian, my friends talked just as much about their fortune telling session as the food. Firoz, the restaurant owner, does these sessions. It’s best to call and schedule ahead for a session I tried getting a schedule for myself and the waiting list is quite long! Here’s the phone number (032) 412 0161.

food in Firozian Indian Tea Housefrontage Firozian Indian Tea Housetea in Firozian Indian Tea Housemenu Firozian Indian Tea Housemenu 2 Firozian Indian Tea House

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