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Years back, I used to complain to my wife about how there weren’t any good sandwich spots in Cebu. Most places that had sandwiches treated it as an afterthought. It was plain white bread with tuna inside or the usual club sandwich with chips in the middle. We even fantasized opening one. It would have a stupid name like Eat n Run.

Thankfully Keso opened their doors to the public earlier this year, clearing us from having to start our ridiculous sandwich spot.

There are a few rules to a good sandwich.

(1) Easy to eat.

(2) Honest and simple – not pretentious and not overflowing with ingredients.

(3) Tasty!

They’ve hit all three criteria in spades.

Melting cheese! #keso #cheese #foodgasm

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Our Keso recommendations.

Let’s start with the Keso Classic, a cheddar and mozzarella cheese sandwich on thick cut brioche loaves. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve already seen the cheesy photos on Instagram. Once you take the two pieces of breads apart, the cheese shows in all its glory. Reminds me of my daily afternoon cheese sandwich snack when I was a kid. You know it’s the best food when it reminds you of home.

Next dish we would like to point out is the Asian Chicken, chicken fillet with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, and cheese. One look at the dish begs for it to be tasted. It has all the prerequisites of a good sandwich as well as fills the stomach in just the right way.

Aside from the superb sandwiches, Keso sets itself apart by pairing their main delights with French Fries and wait for it… Tomato Soup. It’s some of the best tomato soup in Cebu. Oddly, the sandwich, fries and tomato soup combo is perfect. You’ll be leaving the restaurant full of flavor.

So legit. #032eatdrink

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What is a sandwich for?

There are times during the day when a full meal is too much and a small snack just won’t do. A sandwich conveniently fills that gap in the everyday food pyramid. It won’t bog you down, but it will keep you satisfied till your next full meal. Not to say that Keso’s sandwiches aren’t filling. Far from, if you order the combo packs, French Fries and a healthy serving of Tomato Soup, it’s close to a full meal for most people. If you want more, just order another one. It’s worth it.

I’m excited to see what Keso can come up with in the future. In my head, I’ve already fantasized the many possibilities that you can put in between those wonderful pieces of bread. Steak? Pesto sauce? Ten inches of stacked bacon? Hmmmmm….

Visit Keso in The Greenery in Mabolo, Cebu City.

Hours: Mon – Sun 10am to 11pm


Facebook page

Tip: Try asking for The Monster Sandwich, Slaw, fried chicken, bacon, pulled pork, bbq sauce, two slices cheddar cheese, braised brisket, gravy, caramelized onions and egg in one monstrous sandwich. They might just give it to you.

Header photo from Keso Facebook Page.

Crush……alam mo mas bagay tayo KESO kayo 🙂 #uppereastgirls #katkatbloggers #keso

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