Every once in a while, a new place pops up with an interesting name, tried and true food and a special combination of factors that all seem to say, “try me.”

Here’s what compelled us to Fat Cow Burgers and Malts.

I love hamburgers. Even if I don’t know how to cook to save my life, I still consulted a few friends on how to make the ultimate burger.

When we saw a new place dedicated to serving quality burgers, we had to try it. How did we like it?  Spoiler alert. The Fat Cow burger is definitely in the conversation for the best burgers in Cebu.

The Food

You can tell you have a good burger on your hands by the way the patty is made. Everything else are just distractions to the main event. Their patty is wonderful. It has its own unique taste and is not too juicy but at the same time, doesn’t fall apart when eaten.

They’ve got a few burgers to choose from. So far, we’ve tried the True Blue Cheeseburger, Wasabi Burger and the Avocado Pepper Jack Cheeseburger. None have disappointed.

One more thing about the burgers, you get an option to eat it with a wheat bun. I know. I know. What’s the point of eating a burger if you are looking for a healthy option. I get it. But still! They are the only place I know of that gives you the option to choose whole buns as opposed to white buns. That’s at least worth mentioning.

The Malted Milkshakes were like sipping soft creamy ice cream through a straw. Oddly, a perfect complement to the burgers.

fat cow burgers and malts cebuFor dessert, we tried their Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich. Remember the Funwich? Ice cream smacked in between two cookies? When I was a kid, I used to eat a Funwich every day. Their Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich reminded me of my boyhood delight. You could say Fat Cow had a higher end version of the sandwich. The cookies were crunchy while the ice cream was nice and soft. Another perfect combination.

The Price

Ranging from 130 – 230 pesos, the burgers aren’t the cheapest in Cebu. That’s because they aren’t made cheaply. You can feel the quality in every bite. It’s worth the price. (See menu below)

The Place

Not much to say here. Fat Cow Burgers and Malts is an outdoor restaurant with little fanfare to the area. Being located inside Banilad Town Centre gives the place a good aura all around.

If you happen to be there in the middle of a really hot day or really wet and rainy day, you can eat inside Pueblo (another really good restaurant) and take advantage of the air conditioning, but they’ll charge you a service fee.

Location: Inside Banilad Town Centre, Banilad Street, Cebu City (across Pueblo)

Recommendations: True Blue Cheeseburger, Wasabi Burger and the Avocado Pepper Jack Cheeseburger

Contact: (032) 511 4028

Store Hours: 11am – 11pm

Price: 130 – 230 pesos

fat cow burgers and malts cebu

I need me some of that burgers and malts.

fat cow burgers and malts cebu

Fat Cow burger on the way.

fat cow burgers and malts cebu menu

Check out the menu.

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