I love me a nice cozy place, away from the crowd of chatty people, where one can contemplate on life’s major issues like, “What is the best ballpen to use when writing my feelings down?” or “Why is Binay being a pain in the gluteus maximus?” or “Does this mauve lipstick look good on me?” We found the perfect place for this and more. People who want their peace and quiet will be delighted with this new cafe nestled in the heart of town.


Backstory Kitchen and Cafe interior

Welcome to Backstory Kitchen and Café.

Getting to Backstory is easy enough. If you are in the Capitol area, one can walk from Bo’s Coffee and turn right at the second corner.  It’s directly across Yakski Barbecue. Can’t miss it. It’s a small place, cozily decorated, like a little bubble of tranquil.

While walking there, boyfriend eyed Yakski then warily turned to Backstory. Was I really going to make him go into this dainty, delicate café? Complete with cute white chairs and a picket fence?



Backstory Kitchen and Cafe interior 2

Food for grown men.

Boys would seem out of their element in this quiet corner café, little did we know that their burgers were made for grown men. We got the Backstory Burger and the Mushroom Burger, which were all very affordable. We sure hoped they tasted as good as they looked on Instagram.

It took a bit for the orders to arrive so we took stock of the place. Clean and cozy and quiet. It’s kind of a bit too quiet when we went there, actually. I guess they forgot to turn the music on. I would love for them to put on some nice rainy day soundtrack next time.

We were getting really hungry by the time the burgers arrived. Backstory’s facade may be reminiscent of a chick flick, but their burgers are stuff of action movies.


Take a look at that:


Backstory Kitchen and Cafe burger


Dayum. I know, right? And for a little more than 100php? With fries and 3 choices of dips, it’s more than what you paid for.

They give you a choice of ketchup, mustard and some kind of bbq/gravy thing that was amazeballs.

These yummies take so long because, according to their tag line, they are made with classic L-O-V-E.




The patty is great-tasting, not greasy at all. And huge. Crisp lettuce, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Fries are great, not one of those soggy ones you get at fastfood joints.

Even their buns are great. (Did I just say that?)

We knew why. They had butter. Buttered buns will be the end of me.


Backstory Kitchen and Cafe burger 2


We wolfed down the burgers in record time. Aside from burgers, Backstory Kitchen and Café has great pasta and a special rice meal of the day. The place also offers a great selection of teas and coffee drinks to go with their yummy meals.

Surprisingly, their dessert selection is quite limited when we went there. But still, take a look at these yummy pies and cupcakes. We heard they feature different varieties every now and then.

All in all a very lovely meal. So filling! So yummy! So affordable! Such pretty presentation too! Can’t wait to come back to try out the rest of the menu. Perfect place to bring your hungry boyfriend, or hungry girlfriends who love great food and a cozy, comfy place.


We’ll surely be back, Backstory!


Backstory Kitchen and Cafe dessert

Backstory Kitchen and Cafe dessert 2

Backstory Kitchen and Cafe interior 3


Address: 261 Don Mariano Cui Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City

Contact: (032) 254 7920

Recommendation: Backstory Burger and the Mushroom Burger

Store Hours: 11am – 11pm


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