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Here’s a food related question that might be helpful to the out of towners:

My name is Gillian. I know this might be quite an unconventional email, but I just recently moved to the Visayas(Bohol for work) and I really love food, so much that I have traveled to Cebu every weekend since I’ve been here just to try new restaurants in the area. I stumbled upon your blog and have been a big fan and frequently visiting it ever since to help me decide where to eat next because I love how detailed your reviews get! However, I’m abruptly ending my stay in Visayas soon, so I’m mustering up the courage na kapalan yung mukha ko haha and ask you directly for your top restaurant and food suggestions that you think are musts in Cebu because I might be missing some hidden gems!:) I want to make my last few weeks here count and figured I’d maximize them more if I tried asking the food experts of the area for their top food places!

Just to give you an idea, here are the restaurants I’ve tried so far:

a. Beqaa 

b. Ampersand

c. Maya

d. Wok’d – loved it here!

e. La Napoletana

f. Lady Jane

g. Tavolata

h. Larsians

i. Tymad Bistro

j. 10 Dove Street Cakes

k. Jafar’s

l. La Vie

m. Anzani

n. Fudge

o. Treat Street Cafe – I didn’t like most of their pastries and did not get the Spicy Lechon Pie:(

p. Tinderbox

q. Abaca Baking Company – I absolutely hated it here found the pastries and pancakes to all be underwhelming :<

r. Fat Cow – I was really disappointed with this one as well 🙁 

s. La Marea

t. Pueblo Mexicano

u. Ramen Sora

v. Dessert Factory

w. Tazza Cafe cakes

x. Fujinoya

y. Cebu Lechon Belly – my favorite so far

z. CnT and Rico’s (I’m out of letters!:)) ) and Casa Verde

With that, I actually have a lot more places I wanted to try, but now with little time left, I was hoping to get your two cents on which restaurants you feel are musts and maybe what to order there as well 😀


Hi Gillian!

Thanks for the email! We’d be happy to help you out. Based on the places you ate, here are a few recommendations from the top of my head.

Take note – many of the places listed here have reviews already in the site. We’ll link to them for more info.


Small Restaurants With BIG Taste

Corner Bakery – This is one of the first places we reviewed on the site (Four years ago! Wow! Time flies). They have really good desserts. The Smores are to die for.

Tatang’s Boneless Lechon – Arguably the best boneless lechon in Cebu. They started out with a few Monobloc chairs in the middle of a parking lot, nothing special except very good lechon belly. Now, they’ve got a nice little corner restaurant in Lahug and a bunch of other branches all over the Philippines.

La Lucha – I’m a sucker for Mexican food. Aesthetically, this place doesn’t look like much, but the food is authenticMexican. Get the big burritos with equally big taste. If you’re lucky, the owner, Jorge, will be there while you eat. He’s a straight up Mexican bad ass.

Bad Boys Wingz – Conveniently, this place is right in the same complex as La Lucha. Get ready to eat with yourhands, very good chicken wings. The big surprise is they also have crazy good ribs.

Duz Grill – Located inside a subdivision, this place is literally a house. At the time of the review, they were only serving ribs and burgers. Because of their popularity they’ve since expanded their menu to numerous delicious items.

Make sure to double check the location. It’s not the easiest place to find.

The Institutions

Café Georg – I’m surprised Café Georg isn’t in your list. A favorite lunch spot for many people, it’s usually full most days, even weekdays. There aren’t many places that can pull off a delicious menu with as many choices as Café Georg.

Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicillian Roast – If you like Italian food, you’ll love Giuseppe. Rumor has it; they flew the bricks over to the Philippines from Italy. Simply the best pizzas in town.

Dimsum Break – You might be surprised to find a fast food place in this list, but make no mistake, Cebuanos love the Original Steamed Fried Rice. Many who have gone abroad put this on their list of must have’s whenever they come back home.

Zubuchon – We love to get into arguments as to the best lechon in Cebu. Zubuchon has the distinction of Anthony Bourdain calling it, “The best pig ever.”

Blink and You’ll Miss It

Matias – Despite the rain and the traffic in AS Fortuna, Matias is still a favorite for their Chicken BBQ. Super affordable with a great taste to boot, many locals love to eat here.

Frontgate – As far as I’m concerned, there are two kinds of burgers; the easy to eat burger and the juicy sloppy burger. There’s no better version. It really depends on preference. Frontgate burgers are a great example of the latter. Each burger is juicy mouthwatering and full of flavor.

Orange Karenderia – There was a time I was visiting Orange Karenderia almost every weekend. Don’t be fooled by the name. This is the nicest carinderia you’ll ever visit. Make sure to order the Crispy Tuna Buntot and the Betsy’s Garlic Chicken.

We hope this list helps.

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