When we found out about a Cat Café in Cebu, we off handedly mentioned it to my niece. To our surprise, she immediately responded with, “We should go there as soon as we can!!” To our dismay, we scheduled a weekend to visit the Cat Café.

I’m not particularly fond of animals. My wife loves dogs and can’t stand cats. But as the loving tito and tita, we had to take her there. With that in mind, we headed to the Cat Café.

Meow Everywhere

As soon as we arrived, we could see the cats inside the café. The first one we saw was on top of the counter peering outside as people walked by. As we peeked in, we noticed a cat lazily sleeping between two café chairs. The others were playing in their vertical playground on the wall. I assume we were typical of many of their first time costumers. We slowly walked in, not knowing what to expect.

After talking to the staff, we ordered a few drinks and soon found ourselves trying to hold those cats. We quickly forgot about our order. The highlight after all was the cats. In most other places, we usually can’t wait to get our hand on our orders. Not here. The cats were definitely the star.

First Things First

Read the guidelines. There are a few rules to take care of before handling the cats.

cat café rules

As you can tell just by reading the café rules, everyone from the owners to the staff really love these animals. This is especially clear when you talk to the staff about the cats. They know all their names and even the different personalities; the cat who likes to tease costumers, the cat who loves to just sleep, the cat who just wants to be left alone and so on.

When we visited, there was a wide range of customers in the café; the couple sunk in the corner petting the cat as they watched their movie, the barkada playing with the sleeping cat, the parent with his six kids all focused on one cat and the tito and tita with their shy niece trying to get a good photo with the cats.

cat cafe interior

As mentioned, we weren’t particularly fond of cats. But we enjoyed our time there. I have to admit, the cats are incredibly cute. You can understand why the internet loves cats. This is evident by the hundreds of likes each cat photo gets in the Cat Café Facebook page. If you like cats, you will love this place. If you don’t like cats, I’ll give you a fifty-fifty chance that you’ll enjoy this place, seventy if you are bringing a kid.


Beside Villa Fatima Subdivision, Guadalupe, 6000 Guadalupe, Cebu City, Philippines


Mon-Sun: 12pm – 10pm


(032) 416 0393 and 0915 582 2968

cat cafe signage
cat cafe menu 1
cat cafe menu 2
cat cafe menu 3



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