I find a piece of heaven and a bit of cloud 9 with every cupcake from Cupcaken. As the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy cupcakes. Happiness and cupcakes? They are kind of the same thing. Some people might call me mubo ug kalipay for believing in that, but I guess it’s true for me. A delicious cupcake is happiness in its most edible form. That’s what makes Cupcaken such a happy place!

The Cupcakes

Cupcaken offers a wide variety of delicious cupcakes. When I visited, I asked for their best sellers and a recommendation on what to try (I knew they would say Red velvet). I got the Red velvet, Mango float and Double Choco Chip. I have always loved their Red Velvet so I had to buy more. Forget the diet!

The Place

There are comfortable white chairs and tables in the ground floor, but the place to be is on the second floor. More chairs and more space for a big group of friends. Perfect for chilling and enjoying the cupcakes. It’s hard to miss the pink chairs as every girl loves to sit there! Photos of their cupcakes are hung all over the place. That makes it an all-out cupcake explosion! Want to post a picture of yourself online holding a cutey patutey cupcake? They have Wi-Fi! That’s definitely a must for me.

The Price

Last time I was there, the cupcakes cost 55 pesos each. The price may change, but one thing I’m sure of is you can’t resist the cupcakes in front of you!

The Location

Cupcaken is located in R. Duterte Street, Banawa. It is beside Nuat Thai in Banawa and is very close to Paseo Arcenas. You can easily find the place because it is just by the highway.

Am I taken by Cupcaken? Certainly!

Photos by Sharleen Loquellano.

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