Chicken Charlie cebuOne of the all-time favourite dishes… Fried Chicken. That helps explain the long lines in fast food places. Who can resist crispy crunchy chicken skin? No one right?

Here’s the deal, Chicken Charlie has been in Cebu for about two years, unbeknownst to many because of their hidden spot in IT Park. They offer chicken meals which you can enjoy every day without feeling guilty. It doesn’t matter if you are devouring two pieces or indulging in a bucket with some friends because it is so good.


Their spot in IT Park is a bit secluded. They are nestled near the corner of Ebloc 2 in IT Park (next to Chatime). The hidden space makes it ideal for a less stressful and more peaceful meals.


ZeroThreeTwo got to talk to someone in the know. He allowed us a chance to know a little bit more about Chicken Charlie. This rising chicken restaurant started in Manila in 2010. Its founder is a young entrepreneur who goes by the name Alfore Yu. Can you guess who Charlie is? He is actually Alfore’s father. Isn’t it sweet that he named his famous product after his father?

Chicken Charlie is the home of the Soy Garlic Double Fried Chicken. It is as lip smackingly good as its name describes. They also have Hot Sweet Sauce Chicken Wings, Drumstick or Chops. If you confused with what to pick then try a combo.

They also added some variety by offering equally healthy side dishes like Charlie’s Greens or Pickled Radish. They have Fries and Wedges too. Among their best sellers are the affordable Rice Toppings: Charlie’s Bowl (Php 59), Soy Garlic Tempura (Php 89) and Tasty Tandem (99).

For a quick dessert, you can order Green Apple Yakult, Mango Orange and Oreo Pinipig. Nomnom!

Honestly, I’m not usually head over heels in love with chicken, but this place is definitely worth coming back to for chicken.

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