Eating is happiness! A sumptuous meal is enough to make us feel like we’re in cloud nine, but it only gets better if the price is right. Budget may or may not be an issue, but sometimes cheap food tastes just a little bit better. Don’t you agree? What do you eat with only 50 pesos in your pocket?

Here’s a list of 15 good food at Php 50 and below.

1)    Siomai & puso  – They are everywhere! Name someone who doesn’t like Siomai. I dare you!

2)    Larsians Barbecue & puso – Cebu’s ultimate barbecue place.

3)    Ginabot & puso  –  Oh yes! We love it!

4)    Ngohiong & puso – You can’t just have one piece of Ngohiong. Never.

5)    Vibes porkchop & rice  – A must try! (near CDUH) The sauce is delicious!

6)    Tagala’s chicken & puso  – It’s a chicken lover haven with crispy crumbs.

7)    Angel’s burger  – The burger of the masses.

8)    Matias Balbacua – The best Balbacua in town.

9)    Chowking’s Chaofan – Chaofan plus chili sauce makes a man pretty full!

10) Pizza hut’s buy 1 take 1 pizza – Buy 1 take 1 is always a treat.

11) McDo’s Mcsaver’s meal – You are always happy at McDo especially if it’s a Mcsaver’s meal.

12) Jollibee 39ers (only on weekdays) – A workday favorite!!!

13) Sizzling plate’s spaghetti meal – It is delicious! You should try it!

14) Shawarma – There’s alwats a line at the Shawarma place. Must be good!

15) Balot – I’m not a fan, but some people swear by it!

I’m sure there’s still a lot that we can add to the list. Help us out!

What other food  below Php50 would you recommend?

Photos taken by martiniko and digypho.

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