As part of January’s New Year Resolutions, you must have included “eating healthy” in the list.

But you have to admit, there are times when we succumb to the temptation of food. We love food! If you are reading this, that’s pretty obvious! Our posts say it all.

Cebu, as many of you know, is best known for the crispy savory Lechon. It is happiness on Earth. Agree?

If you are like me, you work hard all week at trying to eat healthy, but you still have random cravings of pigging out. Eating Lechon is my reward for all the healthy stuff I pack into my stomach.

Cebu is lucky to have many good Lechon spots. If there’s one spot I see people lining up for, it is for Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly aka Boneless Lechon. I’m sure many of you have tried it. You may even be addicted to it. Who wouldn’t when that belly is undeniably yummy?

Cebu's Original Lechon Belly 2ZeroThreeTwo scored an interview with one of its owners, Niko Hernaez. Here’s what he has to say.

032: How did you get started with the Lechon business?

Niko: It all started with my uncle. He is the one that first conceptualized this product. He was always fond of cooking and it started as one of his experimental dishes. He would serve it at parties and every one would tell him that he should sell it. So he did. His reason for making it this way was because at parties, you’ll notice that the belly part is always the first part to go. It’s the most tender and most flavourful part of the Lechon. We went straight to the point and gave people what they want.

032: Have you always been an avid eater of Lechon?  How addicting is it?

Niko: I’ve always been a Lechon eater but I never considered myself an “avid” eater. I haven’t been able to stay away since we started selling our boneless Lechon. At one point I was eating it at least once a day, but I’ve been able to cut down to just 3 times a week. HAHA! It’s simply irresistible, especially the spicy one.

032: Why do you think everyone loves Lechon?

Niko: I wish there’s a better answer than it being just really DELICIOUS. LOL

line in Cebu's original lechon belly032: We know that there are a lot of Lechon stores that have been around for years. What do you think made your Lechon a hit?

Niko: True, there are a lot of Lechon places that have been around for years, but the advantage of buying our boneless Lechon belly is that you get more bang for your buck. You’ll be satisfied from start to finish and you won’t have to deal with those bland, tough shoulder or hip parts that you’d get with the traditional Lechon. The best part is you always end up with an empty plate, not a plate full of bones that leaves you feeling like you didn’t get your money’s worth.

032: What’s the biggest challenge that you have encountered in running a Lechon business?

Niko: One of the biggest, if not the biggest issue would be the “copycats”. There are a lot of people who are trying to sell our product or use our name as their own but I’m confident that our distinct delicious taste will always be the real difference.

032: So what’s your health tip for the avid Lechon belly eaters?

Niko: Of course, eat in moderation. We are happy to see long lines and suki customers but don’t over do it. Too much is bad. Everything in moderation.

They have branches all over Cebu. You can call (032) 232 1155 if you want to order.

Cebu's Original Lechon Belly yummy

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