Who doesn’t love fried chicken? What’s not to love? Clearly most of us can’t live without the taste of a good old chicken. Although Chicken Joy is probably the most widely known Pinoy favorite, here are some hole-in-the-wall eateries in Cebu that can give those giant food chains a run for their money chicken.

  • Tagala’s Chicken Butterfly – What I like about Tagala’s is that their chicken batter is not overpowering with flour. It’s made just right and blends perfectly with sweet & chili sauce dips. Crispy on the outside yet tender, flavorful and juicy on the inside – an indicator of a perfect fried chicken. Best paired with puso and ice-cold soft drinks. It has branches in most of the major universities in the city (CDU-Recle, USC-TC, Velez-Ramos, Cebu Doc Hospital) and is among the favorite of students and young professionals. Price range, depends on the portion of the chicken, from 15-30Php.
  • Kara’s Fried Chicken – Dubbed as KFC ng colon. Since its opening in 2001, students and workers around the downtown area flock here because of its delicious and scrumptious fried chicken. Aside from the distinct taste, its generous chicken portions and affordable price (Php 40/piece) is the reason why customers keep coming back for more. Kara’s is not only limited to serving chicken, some of their quick-to-eat dishes include tempura, ngohiong, hotdog, squid roll, ham, longganisa and fresh lumpia. You can find them in Sanciangko Street (Beside Sogo Hotel, at the back of USC, near UC downtown branch).
  • Fidel’s Chicken Station – Students of the University of San Carlos Main are the usual customers of Fidel’s. Occasionally it is also flocked by alumni craving for the chicken they used to have for lunch during their college years. Fidel’s is a popular choice because of its tasty, tender and succulent chicken meat. Price ranges from Php 15-30 pesos (depending on the chicken part).  It can be found in Junquera St., beside Elicon House House.
  • Vibe’s Chicken Gourmet – Their specialty is chicken cooked in different ways. Vibe’s is the place to go when you’re trying to look for more than the usual fried chicken. If you have a preferred taste, you can find a chicken seasoned for it – from lemon peppered to herb & spice infused. Compared to the other chicken stations mentioned, Vibe’s is a bit more expensive, but still affordable. A plate, which comes with rice, does not go over Php 100.00. They also serve other dishes like fried pork chop, grilled pork belly and silogs. You can find them located at the back of Cebu Doctor’s Hospital.

Found a fried chicken place that deserves attention? Tell us and write about it in the comments.

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