We know most of our readers love food. There’s a reason why our EAT/DRINK section is the most visited portion of the site. Clearly you guys are foodies one way or another. We’ll let you in on a little secret. Have you heard of the Sunday Market in Banilad Town Centre (BTC)?

Actually it has been running for a good two years. Informally called the Organic Market in BTC; Started by the retail store Chains. Recently they decided to amp it up and have a full blown Sunday Market.

You can expect various carts selling out of the ordinary stuff. I hate to use the word stuff here, but how can you categorize organic fruits and vegetables, artisan breads and pastries, Indian delicacies, Thai delicacies, Spanish dishes like chorizo and paella, cupcakes, herbal pillows, French Macarons, and virgin coconut products in one word?

Reasons to check it out

–       It’s great for the health conscious shopper. There’s lots of organic produce.

–       Looking for sinfully delectable desserts? We’ve got our favorites (Macarons!).

–       For those who like putting on their chef’s hat, you may find an ingredient to play with.

–       Open your mind mouth to the international menu! Indian, Thai, Spanish and French were well represented.

–       Try something new. Do it and go!

Here’s a quick list of some of the concessionaires and a brief description. Note that the participants are likely to change over time. Just visit and be surprised.

D’ Chef de Cuisine – artisan breads, pastries, and other dairy products.

Beth and Cass – fruits, vegetables, herbal plants, and pre packed cooked food.

Q Harvest – herbs and various organic produce.

San Gimignano Wellness Farm – organic veggies/produce, homemade salads, probiotics, pesto, chutney, and other dips – gazpacho, caponata, peanuts, etc.

IndiaNoy Kitchen – Indian delicacies and cuisine.

Royal Krua Thai – Thai delicacies, Singha beer, Thai juices, and Thai food.

The Pantry – pastries and deli products.

Dos Hermanos  – paella, Spanish chorizo, callos, and other Spanish dishes.

Cake Couture by Trina – cupcakes, cake slices, and granola bars.

Precious – herbal pillows.

So Well Food – vinaigrettes, organic salad greens, all natural sauces.

Macaron Tango Cafe – macarons and other french pastries.

Dennis and Kathie Javellana – virgin coconut oils, virgin coconut soap, wild honey.

Village Gourmet – gourmet bread, artisan breads, tortilla wraps, bagels.


This happens every Sunday in Banilad Town Centre hence the name.

*Here’s what we’ve tried: Obviously we love Macaron Tango! The pastries of D’ Chef de Cuisine are sublime! Our inner carnivore loved the chorizo of Dos Hermanos.

**Unfortunately we couldn’t try everything, but we’ll be going back!

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