Every time we hear of a new spot in town, we always get excited to visit, but it’s rare to find a place with a concept that makes you jump out of your seat. Café Racer is one of those places. It is the perfect intersection where car enthusiasts and food lovers meet.

The Place

If you expect the Fast and Furious vibe then this place won’t disappoint you. The ambience truly lives up to its name. The large outside area has ample parking space and lots of tables for those who are in for a serious tagay session. You can also find a fully functioning car wash. Have your car washed while dining, busy people need that! The most notable outdoor feature would be the gasoline dispensers that serve draft beer. Total awesomeness right there!

Upon entering the indoor place, you will be greeted by a Volkswagen counter. Everything else inside is inspired by cars and motorcycles with a vintage touch to it that’s pretty cool! You will wonder which unique chair to sit on.

Best of all, this place is definitely instagramABLE!

cafe racerThe Food

Café Racer offers great variety in their menu; from sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, pasta, pizza, salads, street appetizers and many more. It never hurts and almost never fails to order the best seller. I’ve mentioned this a few times already on our other food articles, but this always works when you are confused with what to order.

We had their best sellers which are the Baby Back Ribs and the Chori burger. Other picks were Pork Sisig, Monte Cristo sandwich, Egg Salad and Carbonara. What would be interesting to try as well would be their off the grill choices like the Bacon Bomb, Pork and Chicken barbecue.

*Editor’s note: You should also try ordering the pig head. It is literally just the head of a lechon served on a plate. It’s cooked and tastes like a crispy pata.  

The Price

Food prices range from Php 100- 340 so it’s quite affordable. If you are smart enough to know which ones to order then your bill won’t bleed at all.

The Location

Café Racer is located at the North Reclamation Area. It’s on the same side as S&R.. If you are coming from SM, it would be on the right side after Amnezia Superclub. It is situated at what used to be Jetti Gasoline Station. You can’t miss it since they have a big sign board.

cafe racer grillRecommendation:

Baby Back Ribs, Chori burger


Php 100 – 340


(032) 511 7798


North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City


11am – 2am

Check out their Facebook page.



cafe racer grill


Shaira Berame

If you have a new spot to suggest, you can send us a message. Sha will be sure to put it in her places to visit. You can read her writing here.

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