cafe noriter cebu interiorThere’s this place that’s very different from the usual cafes. So we had to give it a try. After all, you know how we love coffee shops!

It’s called Café Noriter. You might have noticed some of your friends posting about it on Instagram. It’s a lovely looking place. We decided to make a quick little list on why we love this café.

Homy Cozy Ambiance

Café Noriter offers what most people look for in a coffee shop; a homy cozy ambiance. Nothing is more rewarding than sharing good laughs with friends over coffee and pillows. They provide an unusually impressive and relaxing setting with K Pop hits rocking your ears.

Inside you’ll notice that they greatly maximize space by having second-floor-cubicle-like-hangout spots. Upon entering, I felt like a little kid inside a secret playhouse (Editor’s note: It’s not a big secret anymore. They are routinely full of people).

The fun and free aura attracts many teenagers and youngsters. For people like me who feel young at heart, this café is a good place to unleash the kid in you.

Selfies All You Can

Everybody loves a place that’s Instagram worthy. People love taking all sorts of photos here. Selfies, double selfies, group selfies… Oh ya. We love taking pics of the food and the place too.

In fact, there’s a photo board right at the entrance of Café Noriter. If you want to be an instant star, post your drop dead gorgeous or wacky photos there. Sometimes the owner takes photos of the customers as well. Everyone adores a random café owner/photographer.

6a51abca155611e3957422000a1f8ac8_7Cheers to the Drinks

The café offers a long list of coffee choices. The best seller is the Java Chip and it tastes just as good as it looks. But I’m a Caramel Macchiato fan. So my heart is torn on which is the best, but you can’t go wrong with either one.

Another best seller is the Strawberry smoothie. It is served in a relatively large and tall glass. For those looking for a “healthy” option, this is the lesser evil.

You can also try their Avocado Ice cream and some sandwiches.  They are still working on adding more food in their menu. Keep posted!

No Rocket Pocket

The place didn’t cheap out on the interiors. So the price range for the drinks are reasonable when you consider the venue.

It’s slightly higher than most coffeeshops. But when we say higher, we mean by 10 pesos or so. In reality, the difference isn’t much. You can rest assured that your pocket won’t hurt.

cafe noriter cebu entrance Korean Love

A group of four young Korean friends own Café Noriter. They first came to the Philippines for vacation, but fell in love with the place. When asked on what they most love about Cebu, one of the owners, Viru simply said that he is in awe of the Filipinos who always keep big smiles on their faces. He said that their prime target is locals who would like to enjoy good food and ambiance.

They are planning to open more branches both in and outside of Cebu. The owners now live in Cebu and say they only go to Korea for vacation.

Accessible Location

It’s always a fun experience looking for hidden dining spots, but there are lazy days when you need a place to be accessible and smack in the middle of the city. Café Noriter has a great location. It is close to Ayala and right beside Islands Stay Hotel. It’s along Archbishop Reyes Ave. and can be easily spotted from the road.

cafe noriter menu cebucafe noriter center cebucafe noriter cebu second floorcafe noriter signage cebu

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