coffee in cafe caw cebuPastel colored cafe photos have been flooding my Instagram lately. The lovely interiors of Cafe Caw in particular have been catching my attention. Since the photos of the interiors and the food looked inviting, I had to find out for myself to see if it was as good as it looks. With all the cafes these days, this place better have something to differentiate it from the rest.

Here’s what I found out!

The Place

As you may have discerned, this is another perfect destination for Instagram shoots! I decided to sit on the second floor to have a better look at the entire place (Lahug branch). The cafe fuses the taste of a little girl and a woman. Why? The colours are girly, cute and even princess-y, but the furniture has a hint of womanly sophistication.

If you look around, there are vibrant lamps and little pastel items on the wall. You can really find cute little touches everywhere!


The food looks extremely good! This is a sweet tooth haven. For our first visit, as per my practice, I like to try the best sellers. They said the cupcakes and cookies are normally well received, but I had to go with my gut and ordered a waffle with a warm Machiatto. It was the perfect breather for a cold rainy afternoon. The waffle may look sinful but isn’t as sweet as it seems. Just right for me! There is also a long list of caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks that you can choose from.

*Editor’s Note: On our visit, we tried the Oatmeal fudge bar, Smores bar and brownie in a cup. They were all delightful. Not too sweet. Just the way we like it.  

brownies in cafe caw cebu

The Price

Considering the ambience, the price is just right. Not too cheap but also not too expensive. Cupcakes are 60 pesos per piece, while other desserts could go up to more than a hundred. Prices for coffee range from 60 to about 115 pesos.

The Location

Cafe Caw currently has two branches that you can check out. One is across Bright Academy in Banilad and another one is at the SSY Building in Lahug. A big signboard is placed with a lady caricature outside so it’s impossible not to see it.

*UPDATED: Branch across Bright Academy is no longer there. There branches are in SSY Building in Lahug (across JY Square) and FLC Building, Hernan Cortes St. (corner H.Cortes & F.Cabahug by Alpa City Suite). A big signboard is placed with a lady caricature outside so it’s impossible not to see it.

Store Hours

Banilad: 11am to 10pm

Lahug: 11am to 12mn

cookies in cafe caw cebuinterior in cafe caw cebushelves in cafe caw cebudesserts in cafe caw cebuice cream in cafe caw cebumirrors in cafe caw cebu"Life is special. Enjoy it one step at a time." - cafe caw cebu

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