ZeroThreeTwo was invited to try the comfort food over at Buddies.

We didn’t want to JUST try.

We decided to tackle their food head on!

Like any hungry challenger, we looked for the biggest burger in the house.

ZeroThreeTwo vs. Buddies’ Ultimate Burger

Thinking about conquering the Ultimate Burger? Can you down a burger with four patties, tomatoes, onions, cheese, buns and two servings of french fries on the side? Can you do it in five minutes? It’s a monster.

How do you think we did?

Watch the video.


We’re excited that food challenges are starting to pop up. Not only is it fun, but it lends itself to so many great scenarios in the future. Imagine this. Get all the previous winners together for the Ultimate Burger eating race to ascertain who is Cebu’s true conqueror. The owners of Buddies have hinted that this is something they are going to do.

At the time of this writing, there have been  9 conquerors so far. Next time you take the challenge, share the video with us. We need the eating tips.

*Buddies serves a mixture of diner (burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches), Filipino and Mexican food.

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