Filipinos are fond of all sorts of heavenly treats. All you need to do is walk around your neighbourhood, what do you see? Bakeshops and dessert places at almost every stop. If you love breads or pastries, there’s a new place called Brioche. They offer deeeeeelightful artisan breads, cakes and pastries. I visited their Facebook page and couldn’t help myself. I started drooling at all the food porn. The food looks heavenly. I simply had to try it.


Many of you might be asking, “What does Brioche mean?” Basically, the term refers to enriched bread with high egg and butter content for a richer and more tender taste. According to the owner, there are two things that make their products stand out.  First and foremost, they are healthy.  Second, they try to make sure that the natural flavour of their products stands out. They see to it that they make use of the best authentic ingredients.

Their pastries aren’t too sweet which proves that there isn’t too much sugar concealing subpar ingredients. They believe that pastries don’t have to be “junk.”

There’s also a wide variety of breads and cakes to choose from. Many people make Brioche a weekly stop for their bread. They simply can’t get bread of that quality anywhere else.

For the drinking crowd, they also have addicting coffee and fruit shakes.

brioche frontagePrice

In Brioche, You get more for what you pay for. They have the real thing. No substitutes. No artificial flavors.  If you order an apple pie, expect the pie to be full of apples. I tried carrying their apple pie… It was really heavy because it was made of twelve apples. They have the same principle with the rest of their offerings. No short cuts.


Going to Brioche is easy because it’s located in Escario Central. It is right across Café Sarree. The place is simple, but has a very comfortable feel. The tables and chairs are also very ergonomic plus they now have wi-fi.

If you want a place to have dessert, talk with friends or just chill on a lazy afternoon then you should check it out.

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Brioche Whole wheat walnut raisin

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