Crispy Chicken!!!

That’s a good opening.

A few days ago, ZeroThreeTwo got invited to the ribbon cutting of the very-soon-to-be-opened BonChon franchise in the  Ayala Terraces. Ever since we first tried BonChon a few months ago in Manila, we’ve been longing for the international sensation to reach the southern shores. Between then and now, we’ve tried a few places (which shall remain unnamed) that lean towards the same food category of non-fastfood crispy fried chicken. They’ve been good and all, but what we’ve craved for was BonChon Chicken. And now, we can have it whenever we went to!

The Plan

BonChon is scheduled to open its doors to the public on October 1, 2012. Currently, the only branch is in the 2nd floor of the Ayala Terraces, but we’ve been assured of more branches (most probably in IT Park and SM) in the coming year.

As with all good franchises, one of the most important things is consistency. Partners, Scott Tan (BonChon Philippine’s Managing Director) and Steven Yu (Avalon Scion Foods Corp. President) have worked hard to ensure that loyal customers of BonChon feel right at home when they walk into this restaurant. You will get the same high quality food and the same great service as with all the other branches nationwide.

The Food

BonChon has become famous for serving its Korean style fried chicken; perfectly crispy skin on the outside with soft flavorful meat on the inside. With two traditional flavors: Spicy and Soy Garlic, there’s no way you can go wrong! But chicken isn’t the only thing up their sleeve. They have a great variety of choices like the fish taco and calamari for ye seafood lovers, Korean classics (Kimchi, Bulgogi, and Chapchae) for the purists, and even some Korean Yogurt or Ko-Yo for the sweet-tooths!

So what do we do now? We prepare for a crazy crispy chicken time!!

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