2013 wasn’t exactly the best year, but it brought many lessons and realizations. Fortunately, it was a great year for food. Let’s be honest. Food never has a bad year.

We did this little exercise last year and it turned out to be one of our most popular posts. So this year, we did it again! This question was posted on our social media accounts.

For 2013, my favorite restaurant in Cebu is ________________?

We compiled all of your answers and narrowed down the list to ten restaurants. Same as last year, we didn’t want to include typical fast food places even though some of us can’t get enough of it. We also didn’t want to include restaurants that made the list the previous year.

So here are your favorite restaurants for 2013! (drumroll!)

little saigon big bangkok pad thaiLittle Saigon Big Bangkok

This one is a favorite of our editor! This place not only captured a taste of Southeast Asian street food, but also the hearts of many Cebuanos.  They even recently opened a food truck in One Paseo in Banawa.

Café Sarree

Superb dining. It’s perfect for date nights and get together with friends. The accessible location is also a big plus. After dinner, you can easily visit a bar or get delicious desserts nearby.


Duz Grill

Thumbs up to the best Ribs in town! Aside from good food, their homey ambiance is another reason many people continue to make the trek to their isolated location. There’s no denying, charcoal grilled ribs are addicting!

Phat Pho

Phat Pho is another food venture from the Abaca group. What can I say? It does not disappoint. Expect authentic, irresistible and flavourful Vietnamese dishes.

Photo by Steph Senires

La Vie Parisienne

Located right beside the pink restaurant, this café stands out because of their impressive outdoor area. There’s nowhere quite like it. Where else can you experience having wine and cheese beside pink glowing trees?

Tymad Bistro

I am a fan! I can’t help, but be biased. They offer desserts that are out of this world! Seriously! I’ve never seen omelettes made this way.

Blue Elephant Sky Lounge

Even if you fear heights, you will still love this place. The lounge offers a breath taking view of Cebu Business Park. We’ve heard mixed reports on the service, but it’s early. So we’ll see if they get better. They make the list because the view and ambience is simply incomparable.

The Suite Room

This used to be a secret spot for private dining experiences. Not anymore! They opened their doors inside Ayala’s expansion wing. Expect more space to enjoy their delicious food.

La Lucha

Finally, an authentic Mexican restaurant in Cebu! If you want to have the best Burritos, Tacos and Quesadillas in town then this is the place to be! The price is also very reasonable so Mexican food lovers…attack!

Brioche Red Velvet CakeBrioche

This wasn’t suggested in our social media, but we felt that this deserved a spot on the list. Foodies have raved about the many choices of artisan bread, cakes and snacks inside this deceiving simple looking cafe. Also, they are one of the very few places in Cebu that serve the famous Dossants. Yum!

There you have it folks! That’s the list. I’m sure we missed a few of your favorite spots.

So tell us what you think!

Comment below and complete the sentence.

For 2013, my favorite restaurant in Cebu is ________________?



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