2012 has officially ended everywhere in the world and we’re still alive! This is the year the Mayans never saw coming. To celebrate 2013, ZeroThreeTwo has decided to start with a best of list! Sort of. We asked this question on our social media accounts and got a bevy of answers.

For 2012, my favorite restaurant in Cebu is ________?

We compiled your answers and chose ten Cebu restaurants based on a complicated and tedious deliberation from a tireless committee (of one). Some restaurants didn’t make this list simply because of the following reasons:

grilled in Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant We didn’t include typical fast food places. Despite the fact that some of you have a passion for them. Someone even commented, “Mang Inasal, I think it was Sept this year (2012), my first dine… and after that I kept on coming back.” Forgive us.

Some places didn’t make the list simply because we’ve never tried it (Highblood Station sa Mabolo? Asa na dapit?). If only we could try every restaurant, right?

Just because.

So here it is! Your favorite restaurants of 2012.

30 Kitchen

The big move to the Gallery in Mabolo has proven to be a success! Not only do they still have the same homey vibe with the yummy affordable food, there’s more space, better parking and even more desserts.



It’s smokey, dingy and not comfortable, but they are full every night. Why? Hands down the best barbecue chicken in town. If you aren’t ready to throw away the utensils and eat with your hands, don’t bother going.

Café Georg

Banilad road is full of great places to dine, but you can never go wrong with Cafe Georg. Everyone seems to have their own favorite dishes and rightly so!  They’ve got so much to choose from.

Lantaw Floating Restaurant

Here’s another reason to cross the bridge and hit Mactan. Unmatched ambiance with the best view of the Cebu skyline coupled with our favorite Filipino dishes. Bring your out of town relatives. They’ll love it.

Irie Gastropubliko angus kebabIrie Gastropubliko

A favorite haunt for the late night boozers and snackers. The term irie is all about positive emotions and peaceful vibrations. This place has that in spades.

Vienna Kaffeehaus

Classics such as the Hungarian Sausage and Chicken Cordon Bleu never get stale. But this Kaffeehaus is more than that.  Here’s an insider tip – their coffee is addictive. It’s an acquired taste, but the more you have it the more you want it.

Casa Verde

People love taking photos of the food in Casa Verde. It’s probably because of the humongous servings and enormous taste. How can you resist taking a photo? Everything is quite simply BIG.

Surfin’ Ribs

You know what’s perfect after a long working day? Ribs, beer, chili wings and eating with your hands. That there is a perfect combination.

Café Marco

Some consider this the best hotel buffet in Cebu. Here’s a tip. Most people forget that the lunch buffet comes with free day use of the pool. Take advantage. Lunch in Café Marco plus an afternoon of swimming equals one fine day.

La Maison Rose

The first thing you will notice as you enter this little french pink house is the impressive interior. Then you’ll be seated and given an iPad. That’s where you will find the menu… in the iPad. Whoa! The food speaks for itself.


With a wide variety of food, Feria has the most sulit buffet in town. Go there on a Tuesday or Thursday and avail 50% off  (call them in case they change the promo).

That’s 11 restaurants! Boom! Tell us what your favorite restaurants were for 2012. Let us know in the comments.

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