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Tucked in a quiet corner in Villa Aurora, it would be easy to miss this treasure trove of a restaurant. Abaseria would be the Spanish counterpart to our Filipino ‘sari-sari’ store, where a variety of food stuff, trinkets, and daily consumables are regularly sold. Abaseria Deli & Café is as quaint, quirky, and sari-sari! Crossing the threshold, you’d be momentarily entranced by the charm of Abaseria; distracted by the broad shelves displaying native delicacies, produce, and preserves such as Bohol Bee Farm’s honeyed salabat powder, roasted pili nuts, Mountain Maid strawberry jam from Baguio; enamored by the racks of jewelry, handicrafts, and art works strewn all around the quiet space.

abaseriaAbaseria’s dishes pay true homage to Filipino cuisine. Try the tender Humba Filipino or the Rellenong Bangus. Pair it up with any of the juice concentrates they sell – Passionfruit Guyabano or Passionfruit Mangosteen – which they will serve to you iced and ready to drink in a pitcher.

‘Come home’ to the warm and unassuming embrace of Abaseria; you’ll never want to leave. And if you must, do take a bit of Abaseria with you – the food, the wares, or any from the assortment of native food products.

Contact: (032) 234-4160, (032) 412-4196, 0917 – 3286219
Fax: (032) 234-4160
Email: abaseria@yahoo.com.ph
Location: #32 President Quirino Street, Villa Aurora, Kasambagan, Cebu City
Price: ~P200/person
Recommended: Humba Filipino, Adobong Bangus Belly, Lechong Kawali, Passionfruit Guyabano juice

abaseria abaseria

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