ZEROTHREETWO is fortunate enough to have been invited to a few great restaurants lately. There’s nothing better than a taste of scrumptious free food along with fun company. When Kaona Grill called, we knew something was up. I regularly pass that restaurant and to be honest, I thought they were closed. Only when I recently saw the “Love” sign was when I realized that something was different.

The Interior
Don’t get fooled by the yet unrenovated frontage. When you step inside, you will be pleasantly surprised. Gone are the old dusty plastic chairs and dingy interior. You will notice a striking difference from before. The entrance is trimmed and landscaped with stone and grass. Bamboo and plants line up the walls separating the restaurant from the parking area. The hanging lights add a touch of oriental feel to the whole place. 

HOMG – The Food
But let’s not kid ourselves. The reason we eat in restaurants is 90% food and let me tell you right now… it is awesome/delicious/friggin-redunkulous! They still have the Kaona Grill favorites, Kaona Pork Belly, Grilled Prawns and Garlic Rice (according to my girlfriend – the BEST in Cebu), but they also added new items on the menu. We were one of the first to taste their Squash soup, Kinilaw and, my personal favorite, Crispy Kare Kare. The Crispy Kare Kare, in particular, was carnivore heaven in a plate! I couldn’t believe we ate it so fast, I wanted more! For dessert, we got treated to their family special, Mango Rum. We put our Lenten sacrifice on hold for a taste of this and we were not disappointed. The cold ice cream balances perfectly with the mango drenched in warm rum. 

*We decided to give up on sweets for the Lenten season. Our host was adamant that we needed to taste the Mango Rum. According to her, you can skip your Lenten sacrifice, if someone offers the food to you. We did not argue.

More To Come

Kaona Grill is more than just a restaurant. They recently hosted an exhibit by French artist, Arnold Rocher, they discovered that their space also makes for a great gallery. They also plan to have more events, like acoustic nights featuring our very own local artists.  So watch out for more things to come!

Many thanks to Krista and family for inviting us to Kaona Grill. We placed it in our personal lists of “Go to Places.”

*Side story – Krista pointed out a middle aged couple having dinner. According to her, they have been eating in Kaona Grill every other day ever since the restaurant opened. This dates back to their days across Ayala Center. Talk about loyalty!

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