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These days, we’re all preoccupied by Christmas, New Year’s Resolutions and plans for next year. It’s always a good thing to plan ahead but since tomorrow is a mystery, why not make the most out of the last days of this rollercoaster year? One of the best things you could do is to indulge in all the good treats you might have missed the past eleven months.

Warning: This could make you fat. But since the holidays are here, eating is in!

Without further ado, let’s pig out.

ribs in duz grill

Duz Grill

If you are hunting for one of the best, if not probably the best baby back ribs in town then do yourself a favour and visit Duz Grill. I have recommended it to a bunch of friends and so far, they’ve never let me down. It’s a bit of a challenge to find them, but the Charcoal grilled Ribs and juicy burgers are so worth it.


The Suite Room

The Suite Room offers a sophisticated dining experience within the metro. Don’t forget to treat your special someone to this exquisite restaurant. The best part? Everything is well-priced! If you want to hold a little private party, why not give them a call?

chillage food

The Chillage

Unleash your inner kiddo, shopaholic and foodie at the Chillage. There’s no place in Cebu quite like this mishmash of shopping, dining and chilling. It’s the perfect place to eat with friends, shop for unique stuff and, the name says it all, CHILL!

bucket shrimp

Bucket Shrimps

With all the people lining up and waiting for their turns, it’s clear that Bucket Shrimps is a favourite pig out spot. What’s not to like? They offer a unique street food like experience. That means getting down to the basics. Use your hands. It’s going to be TASTY!

cafe noriter center cebu

Café Noriter

There was a time when finding a spot in Café Noriter was like being in a battlefield. Everyone was looking for a spot to hole up for shelter. It was crowded! It’s clearly been one of the trending places this year, you should check it out. Don’t forget to grab a selfie! LOL



When people ask me for recommendations for random celebrations like birthdays, get-togethers, etc., Manggahan is always part of my list. The best reason to go? You’ll get plenty of grilled Filipino food without agonizing over the bill. They are very affordable.

big daddy truck

Big Daddy Truck

We’ve longed for the day when food trucks would hit Cebu. That day has arrived! As of this writing, the Big Daddy Food Truck is in Salinas Drive Lahug. Expect good old fashioned wonderfully juicy burgers. They are likely to move around. So best to check their page for updates.

urban kamalig interior

Urban Kamalig

The theme for 2013 is giving. Pigging out in Urban Kamalig goes in line with this year’s theme. Their meals are made out of love for their sixteen out of school beneficiaries. That means that eating their directly helps people. This is literally Filipino food that goes a long long way.

What’s your favorite spot to pig out?

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