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Last month when the rest of the city was busy with Ironman, Zerothreetwo was invited to try the newest churros craze with one of the country’s prettiest faces, Solenn Heusaff, but first let’s talk about La Lola Churreria.

Uri Singla and Dani Aliaga, the Spaniards who started La Lola, were on hand to explain the origins of this famous brand.

In 2014, the first La Lola Churreria opened its doors to the public in Manila. The Cebu branch is the 12th on their list. Every day, they are looking at ways to offer churros in a new light to everyone. What you see today is the culmination of that exploration with food.

As a fan of churros myself, I was delighted to hear about their opening at SM City Cebu.

Here’s why you need to try it:


  1. Lots of flavors to choose from

La Lola got creative and took the classic churro to another level. The classic remains a favorite, but they have many more flavors to choose from. As for me, I’m a Matcha lover. I was overjoyed to see the Matcha Churros in their selection. Other standouts were the Dark Churros and the Ice Cream Sandwich. So heavenly! If you think that’s too much sweets for you, you may be better off with the classic.


Dark Churros and Machiatto


  1. 100% Olive oil

I got curious and asked if there was a less indulging choice in the menu. Many more people are starting to pay attention to the ingredients or are looking at how they were made. Of course, when you decide to eat churros, you have also decided to pack in a few calories. On the bright side, their churros are fried in 100% olive oil.  This is definitely a plus since Olive oil contains antioxidants and it is way healthier than ordinary oil.


With the mascot


  1. Bring everyone together

No one knows churros best than the Spanish guys themselves, right? In Spain, churros are sold in cafes for breakfast but are also popular throughout the day as a snack. We Filipinos are fond of getting together for snacks and chika. One of the owners told us that their group packages are among the best sellers which just goes to show that we love eating and sharing! So it’s time to grab your squad and try some Churros!

Oh… and back to Solenn Heusaff. She is gorgeous! Here’s my obligatory photo. 😛

owners of la lola and solenn Heusaff



Shaira Berame

She loves conversations and stories about life, love and everything in between. See her adventures at her website.

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