241 Pizza and Panzzeroto pizzaI’ll give you a pizza my mind! Okay, that joke was not very good, but their pizza sure is. I am of course talking about 241 Pizza and Panzzeroto. What makes this shop so different is the fact that they serve Panzzerotos which aren’t well known here in Cebu.

What is a Panzzeroto?

A Panzzeroto (originally known as Panzerotti) is somewhat similar to a calzone, but is quickly cooked in zero trans-fat vegetable oil. It’s like a pastry and a pizza made a baby and decided to name it Panzzeroto. It comes in numerous flavors and is definitely guaranteed to make you full. Trust me; it’s love at first bite. A new twist to the traditional pizza and it is worth every scrumptious bite.

The Pizzeria and the Creator

Upon entering the place, you are welcomed with stairs that will lead you to an indoor beach-setting. It’s a pretty chill place. There’s actual sand surrounding the tables to add more effect to the whole beach-feeling. 241 Pizza and Panzzeroto is located in A.S. Fortuna, AYS Building, beside Eastwest bank. Don’t want to head all the way over there? No problem! They deliver. Call 236-5080.

The owner, Glenn Lim, was inspired to open a pizza and panzzeroto shop ever since his stay in Canada. The Panzzeroto is very well known over there and of course in its homeland, Italy. He then decided to bring it to glorious Cebu. What makes this place even more special is that all the recipes for the pizzas and panzzerotos are created by the owner himself. All the ingredients are sourced from premium suppliers and each dish is made from scratch. It’s induced with that delicious, home-made taste that will make you crave for more.

241 Pizza and Panzzeroto panzzeroto


You want another positive? It comes in budget-friendly meals that are very satisfying to your wallet, and of course, your appetite. Prices range from Php 100 – 395.

Being an avid pizza-eater, I can say that 241 Pizza and Panzzeroto definitely makes my list. It doesn’t fall under the mainstream category of pizza, because it possesses an original kind of taste that will shock your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

241 Pizza and Panzzeroto is open from 2:30 pm to 1 am. Did I tell you there’s a bar too? It’s open from 6 pm – 2 am.

*Credits to Jordan Tayaban for the pictures. 





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