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As you can tell, ZeroThreeTwo loves social media. Our favorites are Instagram and Twitter. But something we use a lot that’s gone under the radar is Foursquare.

For those who have been living under a rock devoid of wireless internet, Foursquare is a social media app that allows you to broadcast where you are and share tips along the way. We don’t typically post where we are in Foursquare anymore, but one of its best uses is “the find places” feature.

This allows us to pinpoint and see what other people are saying about a place.

Here’s an example.

30 kitchen foursquare

What is it good for?

Let’s say you are in a city that you aren’t familiar with. For example, let’s say you just landed in Davao City. It’s lunch time. You walk out the airport and get in the cab. The cab driver asks you where to go and you realize you didn’t do your research. You have no idea. You don’t want to hit the usual fast food joints. You want to try something unique in Davao.

No problem. Grab your phone. Turn on your mobile data. Register to PowerSurf then check nearby places.You’ll know right away which places are rated high. You can choose between Picobello Ristorante Italiano, Dencia’s Restaurant and Cafe Demitasse.

That’s the beauty of Foursquare. If you think about the app as a community of helpful sharers, all those check-ins make more sense.

foursquare in cebu

For our little tribute to the uber helpful app, here’s the top rated places to eat in Cebu.


We love the Choco lava. It is simply wonderful. Best to order it ahead though because it usually takes a while for them to prepare it.


They currently have a loyalty specialty. Free Stroganov! Check out their Foursquare page for details.

La Marea

Everyone raves about the Warm Brownie Cup and rightly so. But we’re looking to try their Affogato. How can you go wrong with ice cream topped with a shot of espresso???


Surprise surprise. McDonalds ranks really high on Foursquare.

Casa Verde

They arguably made the ribs famous in Cebu. The Brian’s Ribs continues to wow diners. Huge and deeeelightfully good.

Café Georg

Where do we start? Simply put. Most everything here is good. They have a menu that most other restaurants would never be able to match.

Dessert Factory

You would think that most people would rave about the desserts here. But you would be surprised. Check the tips. Many people rave about the Grilled Pork Belly and the Kinamatisang Kawali.

Sprockets Café

This quirky cafe is the new kid on the block. They opened sometime last year and have gotten rave reviews. Two words. Milk Tea.

Krispy Kreme

Watch out for the red light! When it’s on, you know what that means? Free doughnuts!!

Handuraw Pizza Gorordo

These guys aren’t known solely for their generous pizzas. They have plenty of events on any given night. From poetry reading, bands playing music to movie Mondays.

I’m sure you’ll discover a lot of great places. Foursquare is just one way to be in-the-know. With Globe PowerSurf this allows you to be on all the time. It’ll give you 1GB of mobile internet that you can use for 30 days.

You can use Google maps to get directions; check-in at Foursquare to give your ratings, upload a photo of your meal on Instagram and even download other-related apps to suit your mood. With 1G of mobile data, for sure, you’ll have more control on how you spend it the way you want it.

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