This is where you go when you want the package. Hidden inside a gated village in the city? Check. So cozy it can comfortably seat less than 20 people? Check. Chic enough to make you fantasize you’re Blair Waldorf or a member of her posse? Check, even if (allegedly) you’ve never seen an episode of the show. A promise beforehand that a four-course meal would only cost you less than 200 of your smackers? Hell yeah, and it isn’t a humdrum menu either.

The fun at Dove Street starts when you’re choosing your meal. For a four-course chow you get absolute free reign over which entree, soup, salad and dessert. You get to choose whatever combination your heart desires. No predetermined sets here, they’re far too dandy for that. They house the widest array of eats, with 18 choices of salads alone. I should know, because I counted twice just for good measure.

The Food

Sandwiches range from chicken to seafood to deli cuts. We went for the recommended Chicken Parmesan and Roast Beef Dylan sandwiches in wheat bread (you can also get it in white if you prefer) and they were both so good! Salads were well proportioned and didn’t disappoint as well. The Salad Primavera is recommended if you love sweet diced mangoes in yours and the Newport Salad with Blue Cheese dressing was definitely delightful. They weren’t stingy with the blue cheese, which in my book is a total plus. And as for dessert, you get four choices of cake which still did not make the challenge in choosing any easier. There was the Decadence which is a staple dessert, a rich, no holds barred chocolate cake. The Avocado was a light and airy cake which was one of the biggest surprises of our visit. Their cake lineup changes constantly though, so make sure you get the one that speaks to you the loudest.

The Place

Aside from the really good food that Dove Street offers, what ultimately made me a fan of the place was its eye for detail. Not just in its food but the overall feel and interior of the restaurant, cutlery included, was spot-on French romantic, elegant and nonchalant all at the same time.  Another stopover with a bigger group of friends this time is definitely in the works.

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