You can find new cafes everywhere!

Not the usual big name cafes. There are all sorts of boutique coffee shops in Cebu popping up as well.

It feels like there’s a new one in almost every corner. I didn’t think they could grow in number so fast.

Cebu loves coffee shops. Where else can we have study sessions, chika moments and Sundates? Boutique cafes are always a thrill because they usually have something new to offer; a new ambience, different drinks or even weird stuff like costumes!

We asked our followers this question:

Our awesome followers answered in kind!

Here’s a list of our favorite boutique coffee shops. Feel free to share your personal favorites in the comments.

Café Maru

This was one of the first cafes that popped up with a clear Korean influence. Maru is Korean for sit on the floor. Like the new cafes, its ambience is perfect for chill time with friends.

Sprockets Café

Along with their famed photo wall, Sprockets café has everything you would want to eat and drink! It has a wide range of menus from beverages to meals so you wouldn’t be tempted to move anywhere else to grab lunch or dinner.

cafe caw cebu signage


Café Caw

Full of pastel colors, this café has a soothing power that lulls you in until you eat their humungous yummy Waffle. Make sure to follow their line on the stairs, “Life is Special. Enjoy it one at a time.”

Café Tiala

Pink is in! Café Tiala makes guests feel like royalty in a super pink palace. Or you can wear costumes and act weird and animal like. Whichever floats your boat.

Gentlemen Café

This cute place has everything other big cafes offer.  You must try their Waffle set (the Blueberry one to be exact!). It’s a piece of heaven on Earth. Since the place is quite small, it shifts between cozy and crowded.

Sunday 2pm Café pictures


Sunday 2PM Café

This is one of my personal favorites. It’s usually not crowded (or I just get lucky whenever I visit) so the internet connection is good and you get to take in all the lovely colors. You can also enjoy some of their books or write on sticky notes while enjoying your coffee or shake.

Café Namoo

This is a BIG café! Families with little children and big groups of friends will love this place. They’ve got big booths you can chill in and good drinks as well.

Café Noriter

When it first opened, this lovely café made quite a buzz. For weeks on end, it was difficult to get a table. Click the link above to see all the reasons why we loved it.

degree 9 coffee cebuDegree 9 Coffee

For a more laid back spot, this is the place for you. It feels very grown up. You don’t expect to see noisy disturbances in the other tables. Quiet and good coffee with a few lip smacking pastries makes a wonderful coffee shop.

The Chillage

Of all the coffee shops in this list, this is the only one with an honest to goodness clothing store. Coffee, food and clothes! Perfect right? PS – you can get ZeroThreeTwo clothes here.

Looking for even more coffee shops? You can check out our old post about coffee shops in Cebu. Tell us in the comments which boutique coffee shop in Cebu is your favorite.


Shaira Berame

“She believed she could so she did.” Our fabulous go to food writer has been spending a lot of time in cafes lately. This is all based on a peek into her Facebook page full of Sundates. Keep the caffeine going Sha! Visit her blog ShairaB.

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