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The Step by Step Guide to Doing What You Love

My first real job was as a service attendant in Jollibee downtown Cebu. It was the biggest Jollibee in the Visayas. That job kicked my ass. We were taking out the trash, getting orders, cleaning tables, and dealing with irate costumers. Some of those costumers were assholes. That was a rough job.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Has a Chance to be World Class

Every now and then, a buzz can be heard all around Cebu. Sometimes, it’s about a new mall opening, a popular movie, a weird scandal, or in this case, the presence of otherwise distant animals on our shores.
“Welcome to the wild.”
We were excited for our visit to the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. The prospect of showing breathing animals to our two year old was enough to brave the two hour drive up North to Barangay Corte, Carmen (about 50 kilometers from Cebu City).

Zerothreetwo Logo Dad Hats Summer Collection 2018 Lookbook

In August 2016, we released the Zerothreetwo Logo caps. Since then, we’ve seen our little logo pop out all over the world. We love it when you bring a little piece of Cebu with you. Our merch is for people in the know. Something that doesn’t scream, “I’m from Cebu!” Rather than a scream, it’s more like a wink and a knowing nod.

Drawing from that experience, we’ve re-released the Zerothreetwo Logo Caps in new colors that supplements the upcoming Summer months.

Most of our releases have leaned towards the dark end of the spectrum, now that summer is fast approaching, we want to show off the more colorful side of Zerothreetwo.

This is the first step towards more color.

A Review of Cebu Streets from a Cyclist’s Perspective

When people learn that I commute via bicycle, the same questions pop up.

“Dili ba kuyaw? (Isn’t it scary?)” A little bit, there is no shortage of dash cam accidents that happen all over Cebu on the internet. “Dili ba init? (Isn’t it hot?)” This is the Philippines, so yes. “Dili ba abug? (Isn’t it dusty?)” Sometimes, but not as often as you think.

Biking as a commute around Cebu is not for everyone, but because of our traffic it might be the perfect option for you.

Despite their Struggles, These Kids Keep Winning Swimming Competitions

It was a Saturday afternoon, at the usual spot just outside Poblacion Park in Talisay City, about 30 children were eating porridge.

The noise from the 30 children in one place was chaotic, but it was a happy chaos. Everyone had food, even if it was only porridge.

Once the long table, a borrowed wooden skaters’ ramp, was cleared, half of the kids had to leave for their afternoon swimming lesson.

Marylane “Belen” Enrile, John Nino Palma, Rizangel “Zangel” Quijano, Klein Jay Cabrera, Jake Enrile and Lourdes Faith Valendez are among the fifteen Talisay Urban Swimmers, whose training ground is Poblacon beach.

What Is It Really Like To Be A Comic Artist?

The story of comic artists is a story not often told by a lot of people, so we’d like to shed light on that. To know more about what it is like to be a comic artist, we spoke to John Amor, a Cebuano comic artist based in Davao, and here’s what he has to say about his line of work.

Remix Collection Lookbook

The organizer, and chief drinker, was handing out drinks. I asked for a beer, and he promptly gave me a Light.

“Uhm… do you have Red Horse?” I said.

“Ah! Are you a Cebuano?”

Many things set Cebuanos apart from the rest of the Philippines. We’re here to celebrate those differences.

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