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Script Dad Hat [PREORDER]

If you've been paying attention, we hinted on a new product in the Script T-Shirt Lookbook. We even got a few messages about it. It was a sneak peek at our black Script Dad Hat. Along with the new t-shirts, we wanted to represent our home with our signature dad hats....

Mountain Biking Around Foressa

A few friends and I ended the month of June with something new, at least for me it was something new. We borrowed a few mountain bikes, drove all the way to Foressa Mountain Town, and went cycling around the Foressa Trails.

Mystery Box SALE

What's in the box? It's a mystery! You never know what you are going to get, but we'll guarantee one thing, the items in the box are worth at least Php 2500, in some cases, they are worth Php 3000. Tell us your size and we'll do the rest. Super limited. Available only...

What Is It Really Like To Be A Blogger?

Bloggers are often misunderstood for what they do as part of their job, so we got to talk to Lance De Ocampo, a Cebu-based blogger, to get to know more about working the ropes as a blogger and dealing with the misconceptions about this type of career.

Introducing Spark Fest CEBU 2018 [CONTEST!]

Calling all aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs and changemakers in CEBU! Spark Fest is the annual community conference hosted by The Spark Project. It’s the only conference that brings together under one roof people from the world of startups, social good, and...

Ask Me Anything

I’m Carlo Villarica, the host of Zerothreetwo Conversations. As an attempt to add variety on the podcast, I’m experimenting with different formats apart from the usual interview segments.

For the next one, I’m hoping to answer your questions.

Ask me anything! 🙂

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