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We’re Gone! Goodbye!

Ok… We won’t be gone forever. It’s just our obligatory Holy Week break. So just like last time, we’re going to be taking a little vacay from the daily grind and get lost to a land far far away. In the meantime, …

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We’re Gone! Goodbye!

Ok… We won’t be gone forever. It’s just our obligatory Holy Week break. So just like last time, we’re going to be taking a little vacay from the daily grind and get lost to a land far far away. In the meantime, …


Here’s How to Get Free Stuff

We’re going to teach you how to get free stuff. What kind of free stuff? Think food, clothes, cosmetics and maybe an airline ticket or two. All for free. Interested? There’s this thing that good companies do. They aim to give the best customer …

how bazaar, how bazaar

How Bazaar, How Bazaar?

How Bazaar, How Bazaar? That wasn’t just a regular bazaar. It was an event that brought together art, music, food and fashion to form one big experience. We tied together artists, art products, DIY crafted products and products that are proudly local. …

30  Random  Beautiful  Photographs  From Filipinos

30 Random Beautiful Photographs From Filipinos

Last week, we posted asking you who your favorite local photographers were. You gave us PLENTY of suggestions.  We combined all the emails, Instagram replies and comments from the blog. There were over thirty suggested photographers! We checked them out and …

Kymberly Maitland-Smith bathing suit

Kymberly Maitland-Smith: The Woman behind Vanilla Addiction

“A popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people” That’s how the dictionary likes to describe fashion. But we all know that it’s much more than that. History has proven that fashion chooses no time …


Who Are Your Favorite Local Photographers?

Astute readers might notice that we like good photography in ZeroThreeTwo. One of our favorite events to photograph is Miss Cebu. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll notice we’ve covered almost every Miss Cebu as far back as 2011 (we skipped 2013 …

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Cebu's Original Lechon Belly 2

A Talk with the Owner of Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

As part of January’s New Year Resolutions, you must have included “eating healthy” in the list. But you have to admit, there are times when we succumb to the temptation of food. We love food! If you are reading this, that’s …

La Classique in La Creperie Paris Cebu Philippines

Paris in Cebu: La Creperie Paris

Did you drop by the Mercado Central last December? If you were there, I’m sure you heard of the French guy selling uber delicious crepe. They were usually the first booth to leave because they were always sold out. The …

rib eye

Steak on a stone grill in Amo’s Cafe

Only a few dishes make me eat like there’s no tomorrow. Steak. Seriously, how can you not want to completely devour a good steak? The growing number of places that offer steak shows our love for this carnivorous dish. The challenge …

soup in Fung's Noodle House cebu

Meet My Friends in Fung’s Noodle House

Let’s face it. Everyone loves Dim sum and their friends; congee, hot pots and noodles. I’m a personal fan of these guys. They are a fun and delicious bunch! You can usually find them inside Fung’s Noodle House. These dishes can …

Durum in Firozian Indian Tea House

Get Your Fortune at Firozian Indian Tea House

The famous quests of Marco Polo and Magellan were mainly motivated by the search for spices. A lot has changed since then, but our love for spices haven’t ceased. One of Indian cuisine’s best qualities is the aptitude for spices. The …

bucket shrimps food

Bucket of Joy at Bucket Shrimps

Many people ask me for good recommendations for birthday celebrations. Among my common recommendations are Duz Grill, the Chillage, Manggahan and the Suite Room. When it was my birthday, I asked myself the same question. This time I wanted something different. Deciding …

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boracay sunset

How to Avoid the Crowd in Boracay and a Bajillion Other Tips

It’s too crowded in Boracay. We’ve heard that a lot. It’s true that Boracay is incredibly commercialized, a tourist trap and increasingly full of people. But we still keep coming back. The trick is to hang out in places without a huge crowd, …

sinulog 2014

Missed Sinulog 2014? Here’s What You Didn’t See

Who took a break for Sinulog this year? We did! – Well kinda… we got to experience Sinulog right in the palm of our hands through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For those who don’t know what Sinulog is, it’s a …

sinulog darth vader

The Cebuano Guide of What to Wear for Sinulog

Can you feel it?? The biggest and most awaited party is just around the corner! I’m certain most of you can’t wait to dance, party and celebrate. The Sinulog Celebration officially lasts for nine days and ends with a grand parade on …


Where to Find Millions of Sardines in Cebu

Only a few people know about the huge schools of sardines in Cebu. They are either divers, people with environmental advocacies or the fisher-folks in the areas. Where Do You Find These Huge Balls of Sardines? Lucky for me, I freedive and …


13 Sights and Sounds in Carbon

I don’t know about you, but I am a fan of the biggest farmers market in Cebu that is the Freedom Park. More widely known as Carbon to the locals, this place is filled with sights, sounds and aroma that …

casa gorordo

What You Need to Know about Casa Gorordo

Cebu plays a significant role in the history of the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. Magellan docked in the island of Mactan, Colon became the oldest street of the country, University of San Carlos is arguably the oldest school in …

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