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4 Creatives to Discover at Art Party

We’re of the belief that the more creative people there are in the world, the better the world becomes. That’s why we’ve decided to host the Art Party – a multidisciplinary art event. In this event, you never know what you get with the mixture of artists featured.

Let’s Have an Art Party

One of the biggest challenges for creatives in Cebu is finding avenues to show their work, creating a community to support each other, and getting an audience to appreciate their craft. The mission of Zerothreetwo has always been to highlight and feature the different creative niches in Cebu. It’s high time we started taking that support out of the internet and into the real world.

Real Good Coffee at 32 Umber

A few weeks ago, Steph and I got an invitation for a coffee and dessert pairing at 32 Umber. Perfect. Steph can’t drink coffee and I can’t have dessert. We’ll half everything. She’s pregnant and I’m on a no sugar diet.

Island Girl vs. Downtown [PHOTO ESSAY]

Downtown Cebu has always been a bit daunting, especially for an “island girl” like me. The streets are unfamiliar, possibly dangerous and there are a million “incidents” waiting to happen (or so I was told). So why does the idea of a photowalk sound so appealing?

The Circle Collection [PRE-ORDER]

For Zerothreetwo, The Circle represents timelessness.
Wouldn’t you want to be remembered? Despite the barrage of uncertainty in everyday life, wouldn’t you want to exist long after we all pass, to have striven forward doing something you love, to have continued on because not to do so would be unbearable, and to have carved out a place for yourself in the world?

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