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‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1′ Review

You (like me, like everyone) probably spend too much time looking at monitors. How would you feel then when I recommend you watch a movie which is basically about a young woman looking at screens and other people watching that young woman on screens? But the fact that...

Blind Puppet – My World [MV]

You know what’s going to hit you as soon as you hit play on the video. Nothing like a good old raunchy guitar slide followed by a heavy riff to set the mood to a roller coaster of heavy music, booze, bars, girls, loss and regret.

November 2014: Looking for beauty

The newest release from ZeroThreeTwo Clothing is a celebration in finding the beauty in all the small simple things. It might be the street you live in, the coffee in the morning or even the simple ray of sunshine.

5 Reasons to Chill in Tazza Cafe and Patisserie

Regular readers know, we love cafes! Who doesn’t? New cafes are sprouting everywhere and it’s tempting to try everynew place, but I always come back to Tazza Cafe and Patisserie. Do you want to know why?

Old Memories with Kublai Khan

For the 90’s kids, remember the first time you tried Kublai Khan? Mine was in the Gaisano Country Mall branch. I still remember my excitement. All the vegetables were ignored and I went straight to the meat section. I tried my best to fill the bowl with as much rice and meat as possible. It was a thrill to put it together and wait for it to come out cooked.

A Short Discussion about Fat Cow Burgers and Malts

Every once in a while, a new place pops up with an interesting name, tried and true food and a special combination of factors that all seem to say, “try me.”
Here’s what compelled us to Fat Cow Burgers and Malts.

Short and Sweet: A Guide to Siem Reap, Cambodia

If you have to go backpacking around Southeast Asia, a trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia is a MUST-GO. The city is a: food haven, temple run paradise, watering hole, club and pub central, chillax spot, melting pot of lovely people, tourist-friendly and everything else in...

Guide to Dumaguete City

Dumaguete City.
An affordable little getaway turned out to be the best thing to do. The weather lately hasn’t been the best for going to the beach. So Dumaguete city turned out to be a good choice.

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