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Strap Holiday ’16 Lookbook Delivery One

You can always count on Strap for a truly unique release adding to the Cebu streetwear landscape. Fresh from his recent feature by the Working Class, it’s clear now that Edel Tribiana was hard at work with the final touches of their newest collection.

Chicken Abortion

I walked along the polluted sidewalk downtown where there lay a stretch of street food stalls that habitually begins to grow crowded at the first stroke of twilight. People who just got off from school and work found themselves feasting on the delicacies to relieve their hunger and nerves, sometimes while enjoying a conversation with an acquaintance or a friend, mostly exchanging summaries or anecdotes on how their day went.

Why Write? My Exploration of Emotions and Expression

In the last few weeks, I’ve been immersing myself in writing through Write! – #CebuLitFest Writing Sessions, and spoken word shows, including Juan Miguel Severo in Cebu. There doesn’t seem to be anything like them—where you are encouraged to express your thoughts and share it with fellow introspective souls. Going to such sessions got the rusty cogs in my right brain to start turning again and those writing prompts got me to weave new stories, or old ones but written from a different point of view—some whimsical, some dark, but always a world to explore.

7 Secret Restaurants Around Cebu

Cebuanos love great food and the best food spots can’t be found around malls or other crowded establishments. They are in residential homes or are tucked away in non-descript buildings in the backstreets, hidden in plain sight.

Everything About Binisaya 2016

Cebu has a long history of creating wonderful local films. The Binisaya Film Festival 2016 is an opportunity to finally see those films on the big screen.
There’s so much happening in the week of the festival that we decided to post all the details in one easy page for your reference.

6 Books for Creatives: 032 Book Club

Being “creative” can be a blessing and a curse, especially in the Philippines. Artists have to struggle twice as hard to succeed and be recognized.

Most have to balance their passion with putting food on the table and paying bills.

My Bad Habit

When I was younger, I look back at fun years of playing basketball and sitting in front of a computer wasting time on video games. Those were good times, but I’m also reminded of when I’ve said no to fun. I’ve said no to hiking up a mountain. I’ve said no to beach trips. I’ve said no to going out to clubs to meet new people. I’ve said no to rock gigs I’ve wanted to watch. I’ve said no to almost anything that forced me to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve said no because saying yes meant waking up early.

My Top 12 Life Apps

A big part of our lives revolve around our devices. For many of us, checking our phones is a reflex upon waking up in the morning. Are you guilty of that? Sometimes, it can be really overwhelming! As someone who lives and breathes in the online world, it is difficult to put that phone down. I have decided to make sure that my phone is not filled with shitty apps.

Life is a Playlist: Fresh Tunes Friday – September 2016

Life is a playlist.

I use Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Release Radar to come up with these playlists and they’re pretty handy. However, not all the recommended songs are actually that good. So I have to keep checking every week until I come up with a solid number of songs. On some weeks I’ll find like 3 great songs and then the next week I’ll get nothing.

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