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Fitness Festival 2015

The Fun Stuff

Banawe x Glitchgrafiks

Any brand that continues to work with other creatives has a special place in our heart. For this set Glitchgrafiks partnered with one of our favorite photographers, Banawe. Enthusiasts should definitely check her work.

Through the Lens: 8.29.15

Welcome to Through the Lens, your weekly dose of photo goodness from the creative and diverse Zerothreetwo community!

As I was thinking of what to write for this week’s post, my girlfriend asked me what was the usual theme I was looking for when selecting photos to feature. I told her that there’s no theme. As long as the photo looks good, it’s in. We’re not doing any themed selections for now, but maybe in the future.

‘Trainwreck’ Film Review

A sense of humour is a very personal thing; reviewing comedies becomes really difficult because you never know who is going to share your humour. Therefore, I was pleased to see that, going into Trainwreck, directed by Judd Apatow, written and starring Amy Schumer, there was a trio of grannies seating in the row in front of me, a different demographic from my own.

Parkmall this weekend looks to be epic

As the Sugbofest comes to a close, Parkmall is determined to end it with a bang. The month of August has proven to be an activity filled month. It started with Flavors of Cebu, an expo showcasing the different delicacies from Cebu, followed by Mercado sa Parkmall, a bazaar featuring Cebuano entrepreneurs. The mall’s dedication to the arts was also in full display. Tukar Sugbo, Mugna Sugbo Art Exhibit, Balak Night and Sine-sine sa Parkmall all featured local artists in their respective crafts.

This weekend, Parkmall will cap the month off with their final set of events. Starting with…

The Beginnings of the HB Basketball Camp

“I want to start a basketball camp in Cebu.”

It was that simple.

Patrick Benedicto, former MBA basketball player for the Negros Slashers, may have played for one of the teams rivaling the beloved Cebu Gems, but his heart still lay in Cebu. This was evident with his desire to give back to the community he knows so well. He wanted to find a way to teach kids more about the sport he loved.

Through the Lens: 8.22.15

When you’re feeling under the weather, what do you do to stay inspired and creative? I like to consume articles, browse photos, and check out other artists’ pages. Even if you might be stuck at home, on the bright side, you still get to stimulate your creative mind. It’s just a matter of perspective. Same with this week’s header photo, with so many field trips to Taoist temple back in grade school, it felt boring to visit again and again. However during my last trip there, a plane happened to be flying above. I needed to take a few steps back to line up the structure with the trail to get a dragon’s breath. All because of changing perspectives. Welcome to Through the Lens, a weekly photo series featuring selections from the creative and diverse Zerothreetwo Community through the #032igers hashtag. Submit your photos by tagging on Instagram or Tumblr. Best Photo of the Month will win Zerothreetwo merchandise! Here are the photos: Any favorites from this week? How do you stay inspired when you get sick? Tell us the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. Click here to see last week’s selections Post your best photos of the week taken between August 21 and August 29, and tag it with #032igers for a chance to get featured next Saturday and win Zerothreetwo merchandise for our Best Photo of the Month.  ...

‘Inside Out’ Movie Review

There are some movies that feel like just the act of watching them makes you a better person. Since we had a Pixar-less 2014, such a wholesome family meal of a film has been long overdue. Inside Out, directed by Pete Docter and Filipino Ronaldo del Carmen (Pinoy Pride, yay!),  thankfully, is probably Pixar’s wisest movie to date, and it gives us a very adroit lesson in child psychology without turning down the fun factor. The Plot: A Girl’s Mind Explored from Inside and Out The premise is quite strange, like many of Pixar’s past efforts (I remembered thinking rats in a kitchen was not an appetizing idea for a movie), Inside Out follows the life of Riley, a sweet Minnesota kid who moves to the big city of San Francisco. Well, that is what is happening in her outer world. The real story lies in her inner world, where in Riley’s mind, she is being operated by a set of anthropomorphized emotions, namely Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. This being the life of Riley, Joy has largely been at the helm, but when things start to go awry in Riley’s psyche due to the stress of her move, both Joy and Sadness get lost in Riley’s long term memory. Both need to get back to the command center, although the good of Sadness being there we don’t really know just yet, and the unlikely duo have to race through Riley’s mind map as aspects of Riley’s personalities crumble in response to her difficulties. Another Pixar Masterpiece Inside Out can be seen as a return to form after...

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