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32 Ways you know you grew up in Cebu

But growing up in Cebu was a totally different experience. In a word… it was awesome. So, we decided to compile some of our growing up in Cebu experiences.

If you love what we do, you need to see The Assembly

We finally did it! You can now buy all your urban essentials at The Assembly in JY Square. We at ZeroThreeTwo finally opened our first official store!  When we first started selling online at The Assembly, many started ordering our stuff online. But we would still...

Jafar’s Shawarma with a Twist

We all know what Shawarma is and what to expect when we grab one. But you will be surprised when you try one from Jafars. Alfonso added new twists in this already popular staple that could surprise us all.

My Favorite Stress Reliever: The Chocolate Chamber

If you are a sweet tooth like me, bad feelings or even the worst case of PMS can be easily cured with a good helping of chocolate. When ever I see perfectly captured photos of chocolates on Instagram, I drool. This was especially true when I saw the rich desserts from the Chocolate Chamber.

Thinking about the Haiyan Survivors

I was not emotional when we visited the Haiyan survivors seven months after the disaster. Don’t get me wrong, I usually wear my heart on my sleeve. But when we went back to Tacloban, it wasn’t how I imagine it.

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