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TM Gives Back: The Best TeamManila Shirts

When given the chance to give back to the community in a cool way, TeamManila takes the cake. “The workers of the streets have always been an inspiration to TeamManila for more than a decade of its existence. At times overlooked and unspoken, these city heroes...

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Movie Review

Reviewing can be a sad business. While others are happy in simply enjoying a film, reviewers have to sit there and dissect and analyse and find holes. Because of such nitpicking, I rarely gush about a film since they all seem terribly flawed. Well, today you will read gushing. George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is a visually magnificent, compelling, and a masterly actioner that everyone must go out and see.

A Guide to Northern(most!) Philippines – Part 1

If you have to go someplace you’ve never been before, you don’t need to look far or even leave the country. Take a step back in time and visit the beautiful province of Ilocos, which is at the northernmost tip of Luzon. You know how almost all the provinces in the...

What to Expect at Carnivore

When I first heard about Carnivore restaurant, I kind of knew what to expect. Who wouldn’t? Everything is in the name. It sounds down right animalistic! By definition, carnivore means a flesh-eating mammal just like you and me. It simply means meat lovers – time to attack!

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Movie Review

Sometimes people do stupid things, like when cinemas that should know better show films in only one theater when the first installment of the franchise was a big hit. This happened here in Cebu when I went to watch Pitch Perfect 2, directed by Elizabeth Banks, the big, dumb musical comedy follow up to 2012 smash, Pitch Perfect.

Yum! At Bad Boys Wingz


That was one of the comments posted when we shared a photo of Bad Boys Wingz on our Instagram. You can tell there’s a buzz for this place. It’s not difficult to see when comments range from, “Where is this located?” to “Now na!”

Urbandub x Nick Automatic

In celebration of their 15 years, Nick Automatic will release a special collection for Urbandub. Inspired by the band’s unwavering force and immense influence, the 4 piece collection comes together to give homage to the 4 incomparable members that embody the...

Get off your butt and try any of these 13 sports

Don’t be a lazy slob for summer.

This is the perfect time to get back in shape. There aren’t too many responsibilities happening outside of work. No Christmas parties to pig out on. Not too many social obligations for lechon. For students, it’s even better. You are likely not doing anything.

Time to get a little exercise.

Artisanal Home Decor: Reena Gamboa Peña

Last week, 856 G Gallery invited me to a showing of Reena Gamboa Peña’s artisanal home decor and exhibition sale. It was a good opportunity to get something different and colorful for the home. For once, it was good to get away from the usual items from the usual stores.

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Our newsletter subscribers are the first to receive special Zerothreetwo offers.

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