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Mystery Box SALE

What's in the box? It's a mystery! You never know what you are going to get, but we'll guarantee one thing, the items in the box are worth at least Php 2500, in some cases, they are worth Php 3000. Tell us your size and we'll do the rest. Super limited. Available only...

Friendships Filled with Beef, Dick Jokes, Stupid Decisions and Music with Rescue A Hero

Which is precisely why I’m glad we recorded a conversation with my friends from Rescue A Hero. Initially, I was worried. Most of our conversations veered towards nonsense, but I didn’t give them enough credit, the recording turned into a fun get together with moments of honesty and reflection.

Rescue A Hero is a band that started in 2007 composed of Mark “Mcoy” Cortes, Jeremie Lim, Jason Almendras and Carlo Villarica. We gigged as often as we could till 2012. Eventually, real life took over and Mcoy left for New Zealand. Shortly after, Jeremie eventually moved to Singapore then to America, and Jason moved to Manila.

What Is It Really Like To Be A Blogger?

Bloggers are often misunderstood for what they do as part of their job, so we got to talk to Lance De Ocampo, a Cebu-based blogger, to get to know more about working the ropes as a blogger and dealing with the misconceptions about this type of career.

Focusing on What You Have and Being Thankful for It with Mark Cortes

This is what it felt like when I interviewed my really good friend Mark “Mcoy” Cortes. He is the founder of the band Rescue A Hero and an early pioneer of skate in Cebu. I’ve spent countless hours hanging out and making music with the dude, but this conversation still surprised me as he shared what he has been going through over the years. For those of you who know Mcoy, it won’t surprise you to know that this episode is full of interesting stories.

Introducing Spark Fest CEBU 2018 [CONTEST!]

Calling all aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs and changemakers in CEBU! Spark Fest is the annual community conference hosted by The Spark Project. It’s the only conference that brings together under one roof people from the world of startups, social good, and...

Disagreements, The Good and Bad Traits of Cebuanos, and Starting a Business with Carlo Villarica (First AMA!)

We got through the very first Ask Me Anything episode of Zerothreetwo Conversations. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. I received a lot more questions than I anticipated. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to all of them. Maybe we’ll do another AMA in the future. We could even use Facebook Live and do the whole thing there. But we’ll see. Doing it live sounds like a lot of pressure.

Ask Me Anything

I’m Carlo Villarica, the host of Zerothreetwo Conversations. As an attempt to add variety on the podcast, I’m experimenting with different formats apart from the usual interview segments.

For the next one, I’m hoping to answer your questions.

Ask me anything! 🙂

Building a Music City with Cattski

Music is a big part of the Cebu identity. If you grew up in Cebu in the last twenty years, you’ve likely come across original local music in one way or another. At this point, it is part of our culture. It wasn’t always like this. Back in the 90’s, finding a musician who played original music was rare. Most everyone played covers, but somewhere along the way, original music got traction. Artists thrived and became known for the songs they created. This eruption in local music was the work of pioneers.

Lifestyle Brands and No Plan B with Franz Deadways

This conversation with Franz Deadways was no exception. His experience running clothing brands Product of Uranus and Deadways is invaluable to small business owners in Cebu. The work ethic and passion needed to thrive is something any small business owner should remember, but is usually forgotten at the first sign of adversity. There’s a reason why most people lose interest in their startup after a few months. It takes years of hardwork, and true enjoyment of what you are doing to have longevity, especially in the risky business of running a lifestyle brand.

How to Work with Bands like Urbandub and be Featured by Publications like Hypebeast with Chad Manzo

In many ways, putting your work out there is easier than ever. A visual artist can easily upload work to Instagram, a musician to Spotify, a filmmaker to YouTube, and the outlets go on. But in many ways, it has also become more difficult. The ease of these tools have allowed everyone else to do the same. So how to stand out? How to make people notice? What about finding ways to work with people you respect and admire? What about finding ways to get media outlets to cover what you are doing?

This is a topic many creatives are squeamish about, but the answers to these questions don’t have to be complicated. When I spoke to Chad Manzo, it became clear that forming these connections was simpler than it seemed.

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