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Green zerothreetwo cap lookbook

In celebration of 2017, introducing the newest colorway of the Zerothreetwo Baseball cap series.

Green inspired us to take a look outside our concrete cities. It’s amazing what you can find if you allow yourself to go up a trail and into the trees. In Cebu, you don’t even need to go far, all it takes is a little ingenuity and curiosity.

You by Bethany [MUSIC VIDEO]

Alarm rings at 4:30am. Empty bed. Tissues around a picture frame on the side table. What’s in the photo? The frame is faced down. Flashes of her ex. A new breakup? She goes for a run. Runs by EVERY location a special moment happened with her gone relationship.

Join Meet the Streets 2017: A Photowalk

There’s nothing like feeling the warm sun on your skin, hearing the breeze brushing the trees, and experiencing the constant chatter inside a forest. It’s even better when you can see the horizon and the vast space we occupy, a reminder of the size of this world and...

All About Love: 032 Book Club

Love, as they say, is a many splendored thing.
This month, 032 Book Club features books that celebrate love in all its various forms and facets. After all, there are many kinds of love stories out there.

You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown Reaches Cebu

As a kid, I barely remember Charlie Brown, but I saw him and his gang everywhere. They were in pencil boxes, stickers, lunch bags, posters, but I never really dove in and read the comics or watched the show. As I was writing this piece, I realized how deep Charlie Brown and the gang pierced through my subconscious.

Puso Collection Lookbook

For those of us who grew up with Puso as a staple, it is more than just rice deliciously wrapped in leaves. It’s hanging out with friends, boating to the many islands around Cebu, the perfect pairing with Filipino food and coke.
Puso represents home.

5 Ways to Celebrate Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentines is traditionally a day to celebrate romantic love, but shouldn’t we take this opportunity to celebrate all kinds of love? A love for family, a love for our friends, a love for country, a love for story, a love for craft – these are all legitimate forms of love that should be celebrated every day, much more on Valentine’s Day.
February 14 is fast approaching and Parkmall has just the right mix so you can show your love for all things.
Here are five ways to celebrate love:

Valentine’s Day Must Read

Valentine’s Day is coming up.

Everyone needs all the help they can get; guys, girls and singles. Below are a few of the Valentine’s Day blog posts that we’ve written in the past. We’ve got something for everyone, but first a few words of advice.

Zerothreetwo is looking for writers

Let’s face it.

There aren’t many good writing jobs around. If you are tired of writing overblown SEO driven crap, you might be interested in this opportunity to create communities and connect to people. That’s the heart of what good writing is.

If that sounds interesting, we’re looking for you.

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