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A Look Inside Cebu Rap with John Leo Pornea

I can still remember when hip hop was still very underground. In my generation, it was unusual to see someone wearing baggy hip hop clothes in the mall. They were the true underground. Over the years, this musical genre has become more and more mainstream. There was a...

How We Raise our Kids with Ara Chawdhury

Have you ever been in a dinner table with new parents? Or parents of toddlers? Then you know that we eventually talk about our kids. Raising kids in 2019 is an interesting experience. There's a lot more information widely available to parents, but at the same time, we...

How to Make a Movie with Victor Villanueva

Making a movie is one of those creative fields that require so much. You need an incredible amount of talented people to make a two hour piece of entertainment. So many things have to go right, so much coordination needed with production, plenty of logistical...

Script Sackpack Lookbook

Whenever we create merchandise, we like to put thought into it. Of course, we want our merch to look nice, but we want it to be more than that. In this case, this piece is legitimately useful. We've still been using the Zerothreetwo sackpack bags that were released...

Foressa Nature Photo Contest

Do you want to get away from the busy city life and capture the beauty of nature? Foressa Trails of Cebu Development Industrial Park Developers Inc, in partnership with 4Events Cebu Events Services, bring to you Foressa Nature Photo Contest 2019. A three-day camp-in...

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